psy223 - health & psychological wellbeing

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Week One - Understanding Health Psychology
Who definition of health overlook...,
What is meant by the term psychos...,
What does health psychology chall...
19  cards
Week Two - Health Belies, Behaviour & Promotion
What are the 3 types of health re...,
Define health behaviour illness b...,
What are health impairing habits
43  cards
Week Three - Eating & Exercise
Diet has what effects on our health,
Diet impacts and plays a role in ...,
What are eating disorders associa...
38  cards
Week Four - Addictive Behaviours
When can a drug produce dependence,
Define addiction,
What term does the dsm 5 use to d...
33  cards
Week Five - Stress & Coping
What is the generalised adaptatio...,
What is the hpa,
What does the amygdala do in rela...
46  cards
Week Six - Chronic Illness (HIV & Cancer)
What is a chronic disease,
What is a non communicable disease,
What is hiv
36  cards
Week Seven - Chronic Illness (CVD & Obesity)
What is cvd,
What is chd,
What are the main forms of chd
39  cards
Week Eight - Carers In Society
What are lay informal carers,
What things to informal care give...,
What 2 things may carers be ident...
25  cards
Week Nine - Health in Normal Ageing
Why is the gender life expectancy...,
Which australians are disadvantaged,
How do we combat ageism
23  cards
Week Ten - Gender & Health
What are the main problem of rese...,
In australia how many years do wo...,
How much more likely are men to d...
31  cards
Week Eleven - Health Status & Health Inequalities
How can we assess individual heal...,
How can we assess health status v...,
What is the gender difference in ...
32  cards
Week Twelve - ATSI Health
Explain the key concepts of indig...,
What is an indigenous australian,
What percentage of australians ar...
29  cards

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psy223 - health & psychological wellbeing

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