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Asch's Conformity
When did asch s experiment take p...,
How many participants took part,
How many trials were there for ea...
23  cards
Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment
Aim of the experiment,
What was the experiment,
10  cards
Milgram's experiment
When did the experiment take place,
What was the aim of the experiment,
What sampling technique was used
19  cards
Resistance to Social Influence
Social support in asch s experiment,
Social support in milgram s exper...,
Social support in rank and jacobs...
11  cards
Research methods
What is ecological validity,
What is population validity,
What is temporal validity
7  cards
What are the 3 types of encoding,
What are the 2 types of retrieval,
Go look at the msm
42  cards
What 4 behaviours are commonly us...,
What is meant by the term recipro...,
What is meant by the time interac...
59  cards
Approaches - Learning (behaviourist)
What is the definition of classic...,
What is the definition of operant...,
Who studied classical conditioning
25  cards
Approaches - Cognitive
What is the definition of the cog...,
What is the role of the schema,
What are the problems with schemas
14  cards
Approaches - Biological
Why might some phenotypes not be ...,
How can twins be used to determin...,
What did dabbs et al 1995 study
10  cards
Approaches - Psychodynamic
What are the 3 basic assumptions,
What is the iceberg model of the ...,
What are the 3 parts to the struc...
8  cards
Approaches - Humanistic
What is the main difference of th...,
What type of study do humanistics...,
Why is free will so important in ...
10  cards
psychopathology - phobia
7  cards
Psychopathology - depression
What are the behavioral character...,
What are the emotional characteru...,
What are the cognitive characteri...
19  cards
Psychopathology - OCD
What are the behavioural characte...,
What are the emotional characteri...,
What are the cognitive characteri...
7  cards
Biological explanations of gender
What chromosomes do females typic...,
What chromosomes do males typical...,
What chromosomes are involved in ...
18  cards
Schizophrenia Overview
What are some examples of positiv...,
What are some examples of negativ...,
What are the two main diagnostic ...
22  cards
Psychological explanations of SZ
What is schizophrenia a result of,
What is it when a sz person belie...,
What is impaired insight
22  cards
Biological explanations of SZ
Who studied concordance rates of ...,
What is the concordance rate of s...,
What is the concordance rate of s...
36  cards
Biological therapies for SZ
What are the 2 categories for ant...,
How do typical antipsychotics work
12  cards
Psychological therapies of SZ
What is cse,
What are the 2 parts of cse,
Examples of cse
10  cards
Psychopathology - Abnormality
What are the 4 reasons behind abn...,
What is a strength to statistical...,
What is a weakness to statistical...
9  cards
Who suggested the freeze repsonse...,
Why does fight or flight not expl...,
What is expressive aphasia
16  cards
What are the two types of aggression,
What is reactive aggression,
What is proactive aggression
13  cards
Aggression - social explanations
Why is aggression not expressed a...,
What are the ways in which aggres...,
What research supports the furstr...
26  cards
free will vs determinism
Define hard determinism,
Define soft determinism,
Define free will
11  cards
nature vs nurture
Which approach is mostly linked t...,
What idea supports nature,
What behaviour is part of the ada...
9  cards
Holism vs reductionism
What is meant by holism,
What are some examples of holism,
What is meant by reductionism
9  cards
ethical - social sensitivity
What are 5 key ethical issues,
What study has no protection from...,
What study has no confidentiality
14  cards
Idiographic vs nomothetic
What is idiographic,
What are some methods used in idi...,
What are some examples of idiogra...
13  cards

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