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Discuss a cognitive approach to one health problem
What can stress be considered as,
Biological approach of stress
28  cards
Discuss positive and negative effects of modern technology on cognitive processes
How has technology developed in t...,
What have psychologists been asking,
Positive side of technology
35  cards
Discuss schema theory
What does schema theory propose,
Mental representation
23  cards
Milner (1966)
4  cards
Flashbulb memory - ERQ
What does flashbulb memory predict,
What inspired brown kulik s research,
The two mechanisms in flashbulb m...
30  cards
Discuss one theory of thinking and decision making
Who created the dual process model,
What did kahneman believe,
System 1
30  cards
Reconstructive memory - ERQ
Argument of leading questions,
Study for leading questions,
Aim of loftus and palmer
27  cards
Discuss one cognitive bias
What is anchoring bias,
Example of anchoring bias in real...,
Cognitive bias
25  cards
Models of Memory - ERQ
What is the name of the study on hm,
When was the milner study,
What issue did hm have
55  cards
Cognitive research method
What research method is used,
What are the different types of e...,
When is an experiment used
14  cards
Models of Memory - SAQ
What does the msm propose,
Who proposed the msm,
What are the 3 stores of the msm
30  cards
Informed consent - SAQ
Informed consent,
What should researchers do,
7  cards
Heuristics & Biases - SAQ
What is anchoring bias,
What are cognitive biases,
What are heuristics
13  cards
Flashbulb Memory - SAQ
What questions were asked
13  cards
Schema theory - SAQ
When did bartlett do his experiment,
Aim of bartlett 1932,
Hypothesis of bartlett 1932
19  cards
Reconstructive Memory
What is reconstructive memory,
What is a leading question,
What are the 2 types of informati...
16  cards
System 1 and System 2
What are heuristics,
What are system 1 and 2,
What are the characteristics of s...
19  cards
Social Identity Theory - SAQ
What is sit,
What is social categorisation,
What is social identification
16  cards
Social identity theory,
What are the 4 psychological mech...,
Social categorisation
17  cards
Acculturation - SAQ
Definition of acculturation,
When did berry come with the two ...,
What did the model theorise
23  cards
What is the definition of encultu...,
What is the bidirectional relatio...,
What is the mechanism of encultur...
18  cards
Cultural dimensions
Definition of cultural dimensions,
Who researched cultural dimensions,
What did hofsted do
20  cards
Formation of stereotypes - SAQ
Definition of a stereotype,
What are people,
Why do individuals make stereotypes
23  cards
Effects of stereotypes - SAQ
What has most research studied on,
Who identified the phenomenon of ...,
What is stereotype threat
14  cards
Culture and its influence on behaviour and cognition - SAQ
What is culture,
What is cultural norms,
How are cultural norms communicated
20  cards
Social cognitive theory - SAQ
What were the 2 types of learning...,
Direct learning,
Indirect learning
25  cards
Hormones and behaviour - SAQ
What are hormones,
Advantage of being transported th...,
What is the difference between ho...
25  cards
Pheromones - SAQ
How do pheromones resemble to hor...,
How are pheromones different to h...
19  cards
Techniques used to study the brain in relation to behaviour - SAQ
How was brain research done,
What does mri stand for,
How are today s techniques better
24  cards
Evolutionary - SAQ
Biological organisms have a drive...,
Differential fitness
23  cards
Neurotransmitters and behaviour - SAQ
What is the nervous system,
What are the 3 parts of a neuron,
35  cards
Localisation - SAQ
Who came with the idea,
Counterargument of localisation
20  cards
Neuroplasticity - SAQ
The different scales of neuroplas...,
Synaptic plasticity
22  cards
Globalisation - ERQ
How globalisation may influence b...,
Effects of the interaction of glo...
38  cards
Cognitive process in the technological world - ERQ
Positive side of research,
Negative side of research,
Which cognitive process is used
37  cards
Genes and behaviour - SAQ
Where is genetic information cont...,
Our dna forms what for our body,
23  cards
Informed consent,
Protection from harm,
Anonymity and confidentiality
6  cards
Research studies
Case studies,
2  cards
Flashbulb Memory - ERQ
Brown kulik aim,
Brown kulik procedure,
Brown kulik results
20  cards
Studies for each topic
Formation of stereotypes
5  cards
Working memory model - SAQ
What is the wmm,
4 components of the wmm,
The central executive
15  cards
Schema theory - ERQ
0  cards
Discuss schema theory - ERQ
0  cards
Contrast two models of memory - ERQ
0  cards
Schema theory - ERQ
What is a schema,
Brandsford and johnson argument,
Aim of brandsford and johnson
27  cards
Social identity theory - ERQ
Introduction of social identity t...,
Purpose of essay on evaluation,
What is sit based on
24  cards
Dual Process Theory - ERQ
Evaluation of dual process theory,
Biological support for the wason ...,
What did goel et al make particip...
8  cards
Discuss one or more studies of acculturation. - ERQ
What is acculturation,
What does berry s model of accult...,
What are the 4 acculturation stra...
12  cards
Discuss prevalence rates of one or more health problems
Prevalence rates,
Issue with prevalence and stress,
Usually what are two ways to repo...
15  cards
Discuss a sociocultural approach to one health problem
Stress from an evolutionary persp...,
Chronic stress
27  cards
Prevot et al (2019)
What does prevot et al 2019 inves...,
Hypothesis of prevot et al 2019
5  cards
Evaluate one model of memory
One model of memory,
Proposed by,
The model is based on a number of...
31  cards
Name of studies
Sit saq,
Flashbulb memory saq,
Heuristics and biases saq
4  cards
Discuss a biological approach to understanding one health problem
What can stress be considered as,
Stress in an evolutionary perspec...
36  cards
Prevalence rates
Prevalence rates,
Issue with stress,
Usually with prevalence rates
28  cards
Psychologists complete research o...,
Monozygotic twins mz,
Dizygotic twins dz
5  cards
Excitatory neurotransmitters,
Inhibitory neurotransmitters
8  cards
Cognitive process and ethicss,
10  cards
All of the ethics
Undue stress or harm,
Informed consent,
5  cards
Discuss the role of digital technology on emotion and cognition
Digital technology,
Flashbulb memories,
Schaefer et al 2011
16  cards
Research in cognitive
The cognitive approach,
Advantage of experiments
17  cards

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