psyo 2160: animal behaviour

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Animal Taxonomy & Diversity
What is a taxonomic unit called,
What is taxonomy or systematics,
Define the two subfields of taxonomy
46  cards
Perspectives in the Study of Animal Behaviour
What four interests typically enc...,
What are the three approaches in ...,
Define proximal and distal questions
44  cards
The Search for Patterns
In the greylag goose if an egg ro...,
What are three early synonyms for...,
Describe a sign stimulus innate r...
31  cards
Methodologies in the Study of Animal Behaviour
Examining behaviour differences s...,
What biases and interpretation mi...,
Define amphibologic behaviours
18  cards
Evolution & Behaviour
Define evolution,
Aa and aa are _____ and aa is _____,
According to dugatkin 2008 what a...
53  cards
What use did cats have for domest...,
What animal did the romans domest...,
What is the difference between do...
27  cards
Sexual Selection
The number of offspring left behi...,
What become crucial factors in th...,
Define intra sexual and inter sex...
59  cards
Reproductive Behaviour, Mating Systems and Parental Behaviour
What are the three classification...,
What are the three modes of repro...,
In parthenogenesis all individual...
83  cards
Population Regulation and Group-Size Regulation
Define a group what are the group...,
Mated pairs and dependent offspri...,
Extended families wolves dholes l...
35  cards
What are the four genera of felidae,
Which felids are found in canada,
Which felids are specialists pref...
8  cards
What is the difference between tu...,
What are the four land species of...,
Sex determination is dependent on...
15  cards
Syngnathids include which animals,
Males have a what for young,
Many species use what mating system
10  cards
Social Behaviour
Define social behaviour per anima...,
List the four categories of socia...,
Care giving altruistic behaviours...
69  cards
Physiological Factors in Aggression
The _____ is critical in the modu...,
Three types of aggression can be ...,
Describe the role of the hypothal...
11  cards
Personality in Animals
Define the two dimensions of pers...,
Dugatkin s definition of personal...,
Diamond 1957 in his book personal...
23  cards
Play has until recently been cons...,
Define the animals of interest fo...,
Bekoff offers the most classical ...
29  cards
Some argue which family is distin...,
What is a main characteristic of ...,
Describe the sexuality of musteli...
8  cards

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