readings in philippine history

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Philippine Map
What are the 8 regions in the luzon,
What are the three 3 regions in t...,
What are the six 6 regions in min...
19  cards
Lesson 3 - Physical Features, Geological-Geographical Foundation And Peopling Of The Philippines
What are the three 3 identified h...,
Believed that the philippines was...,
What was the lost pacific contine...
104  cards
Lesson 1 - Meaning and Concepts of History
Origin of the word history,
Meaning of historia,
Famous historians
68  cards
Lesson 2 - Thinking Like a Historian
What do historians pay focus to w...,
What do researchers who study the...,
How do historians figure what hap...
43  cards
Lesson 4 - Pre-Colonial Philippines
Names of the islands of the phili...,
Mai i,
P utuan
62  cards
Group 1 - Colonial Motives of Spain & Early Expeditions to the Philippines
Who is henry the navigator,
In 1445 henry the navigator appea...
198  cards
Spanish-related terms (workbook)
Medieval legal term which denoted...,
Attempt of jesuit missionaries an...,
Spanish labor system that rewarde...
10  cards
Group 2 - Spanish Colonial System in the Philippines
Golden century,
Code that is composed of numerous...,
What does recopilacion de los ley...
84  cards
Group 3 - Early Filipino Rebellions
What are the three categories of ...,
Who are the former political lead...,
Who are the former religious lead...
155  cards
Group 4 - The Beginnings of Filipino Nationalism and the Campaign for Reforms
Where did nationalism sprout,
Educated natives seek recognition...,
Ilustrados considered spain as th...
50  cards
Group 4 - Katipunan
Upon rizal s arrest and exile thi...,
An organization whose aims were o...,
When was the katipunan established
90  cards
Group 5 - Establishment of the First Republic
When did general aguinaldo procla...,
Where did general aguinaldo procl...,
What is the national anthem entitled
41  cards
Group 5 - American Expansionism
Were among the american newspaper...,
Belief that the united states has...,
When did the us maine s mysteriou...
60  cards
Group 6 - Road to Self-Government
Other colonial objectives of the ...,
Created in early 1899 gave some k...,
First philippine commission or
59  cards
Group 7 - Japan's Imperialism Design
How did the japanese thought of t...,
Road that the japanese helped to ...,
Benguet road now
126  cards
Group 7 - The Japanese Administration
When did the gen masaharu homma e...,
What are the restrictions issued ...,
Hostile acts against the japanese...
27  cards
Group 8 - The Second Republic of the Philippines
Declared that the philippines wou...,
When did premier general hideki t...,
When did premier general hideki t...
26  cards
Group 8 - The Liberation Period
How long did the government of co...,
Where was the,
Who is the president and vice pre...
40  cards

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