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Real Estate Principles Pre-licensing
Where can california real estate ...,
Which of these describes the comp...,
What is the difference between re...
5  cards
Permitted Activities Of Unlicensed Sales Assistants
Can an assistant place signs on p...,
Can an assistant host open houses,
Can assistant show a property
11  cards
Other real estate dealings in California
When do you need to be licensed a...,
When is the term mobile home tend...,
What is a mog property
11  cards
Real estate activities, and licenses
What are common ownership structu...,
Which activity can you perform wi...,
What is a real estate corporation
8  cards
Obtaining and keeping a license in California
How many required courses by the ...,
How many courses are required by ...,
Will an applicant convicted of a ...
13  cards
CA, violations, complaints, and disciplinary actions
Is a open and the listing agreeme...,
Can a licensee represent both buy...,
What is a dual agency
12  cards
California real estate recovery account
The account is funded through a p...,
Consumers have two years to seek ...,
Payments are limited to 50 000 pe...
5  cards
Real property and the bundle of rights
What gives the owner the ability ...,
What allows the owner to control ...,
What does the owner the right to ...
20  cards
Water rights
Rights of the owner of bordering ...,
Rights of the owners of a borderi...,
Rights of the owners to draw wate...
11  cards
Categories of real estate characteristic
What are two primary categories o...,
What real estate characteristic i...,
What real estate characteristic i...
20  cards
Uses of real property
What is real property use for sin...
16  cards
Real Property Vs. Personal Property
Real estate plus the interest ben...,
Property that is movable may be o...,
What is another word for personal...
36  cards
Legal tests of a fixture
What is an item that is permanent...,
What is the test called of an ite...,
What is the method to tell if an ...
13  cards
Uniform commercial code
What is the uniform commercial code,
Thank you ceci requires security ...,
The complete uccu security agreem...
7  cards
Freehold and leasehold terminologies in California
Act of waste,
Fee simple,
Fee simple absolute
57  cards
Forms Of Real Property Ownership - Part 1
Estate in severalty,
Co ownership,
What are types of coownership
39  cards
Forms of real property ownership, part two
Tenancy by entirety,
A married couple hold title to a ...,
A married couple holes property a...
22  cards
Ownership of real estate by business organizations
Sole proprietorship,
Partnership estate,
What are two types of partnerships
38  cards
Test questions on ownership and estate
To what type of a state does pur ...,
Widget corporation just bought la...,
A sole proprietor is a familiar b...
14  cards
Property Ownership, Real Estate Trusts
34  cards
Introduction to California agency law
176  cards
Legal descriptions
What two things does obtaining a ...,
Legal description,
102  cards
California land use controls and regulations
When preparing general plan the p...,
After general plan is adopted a s...,
Police power
130  cards
Title to real property and deeds
Voluntary alienation,
Adidas said to be an instrument o...,
A deed is an instrument of convey...
131  cards
General Contract Law In CA
What are the five essential eleme...,
Legally competent parties,
Offer and acceptance
105  cards
Encumbrances And Title Insurance
Recordation recording,
Constructive notice,
Actual notice
173  cards
Federal in California fair housing laws
The first case plessy versus ferg...,
Buchanan versus warley case,
Jones versus alfred h mayer co
61  cards
Leases in California
This defines the legal relationsh...,
This is a fix termination type of...,
This involves possessory interest...
92  cards
Property valuation in California
What is cma,
An estimate of market value based...,
205  cards
Landlord Tenant Relations In California
Which chapter of the california d...,
Which agency publishes the califo...,
The california tenants handbook p...
96  cards
Financing in California
Title theory,
Lien theory
288  cards
Financing in California flashcards
Hey mom who s principal and inter...,
A loan whose rate is adjusted usu...,
A temporary loan often used by bu...
18  cards
Subdivision, planning, controls and development
Types of easements
108  cards
Acquiring a financing subdivision development test
What does a developer have to do ...,
Which act requires an environment...,
How long does a subdivision devel...
4  cards
CA, real estate math
What are common land measurements,
Inches feet in miles,
And an improved lot is advertised...
155  cards
Home construction in California
Building and construction standar...,
Who was involved and ensuring com...,
Contractors license requirements
60  cards
Environmental hazards and regulations
Discovering environmental hazards,
Disclosing environmental hazards,
Where should you look for potenti...
46  cards
Real estate advertisement
Negligent misrepresentation
6  cards
Special tax assessments
Special tax assessments,
Vrooman street act,
Street improvement act of 1911
6  cards

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