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Types of Property
What are the two main types of pr...,
What is real property,
What is personal property
9  cards
Define encumbrance,
Specific types of encumbrances in...,
20  cards
Ownership Types
A process designed to determine i...,
A chain of transfers of a title t...,
An alphabetic list of purchasers ...
21  cards
Property Descriptions
Metes and bounds a method of desc...,
Rectangular survey system traditi...,
Most commonly used method to surv...
22  cards
An estate that has the exclusive ...,
The most common type of freehold ...,
The fee simple absolute type of e...
14  cards
Government Controls
Examples of police power,
What is the power to take private...,
The process of exercising powers ...
7  cards
Private Controls
Conditions refers to,
Convenants are,
What is a ha
3  cards
Water Rights
_______ rights when dealing with ...,
_____ rights take into considerat...,
Natural deposit of soil that resu...
13  cards
Mineral Rights
You are given rights to the miner...,
Mineral rights belong to the owne...,
A _______ lease may be create dot...
4  cards
Value of a Property
Formula for determining value of ...,
Formula for determining value via...,
What elements establish value dust
15  cards
Contracts and Documents
Details of agreement between a br...,
Typically fill in the blank forma...,
Thoroughly explains the responsib...
10  cards
Borrowers in california may pay o...,
Penalties may not amount to more ...,
With the ________ market loans ar...
29  cards
Interest rate charged by the fede...,
Prime rate,
Mortgage rates
15  cards
States that the landlord is respo...,
This states that the tenant is re...,
States that the tenant will pay a...
7  cards
Agency Law
T f the agent in a dual agency si...,
What are the fiduciary duties
2  cards
Listing Types
Open listing,
Exclusive agency,
Exclusive right to sell
5  cards
Which deed is the only one used i...,
General warranty deed,
Special warranty
8  cards
Federal Laws
Federal civil rights act 1866,
Federal fair housing act of 1968 ...
2  cards
California State Law
This law forbids discrimination b...,
This code forbids discrimination ...,
This act forbids discrimination b...
8  cards
Chapter 1 Intro to Real Estate
Define appurtenant,
What do easements also allow,
Are minerals oil and gas when ext...
17  cards
Chapter 2 - Estates, Transfers and Titles
Fee simple estate means an owner ...,
Define fee simple defeasible esta...,
Less than freehold estate is also...
36  cards
Chapters 3 - Encumbrances
Define lien,
Example of specific lien,
Example of general lien
25  cards
Chapter 4 - Agency and Its Responsibilities
What does estoppel prohibit,
What is ratification,
If the seller s agent informs the...
50  cards
Chapter 5 - Contracts
This type of contract is expresse...,
Bilateral contract is promise for...,
Unilateral contract is a promise ...
38  cards
Chapter 6 - Landlord and Tenant; Lessor and Lessee
A ____ agreement is different fro...,
A chattel real is a _______ prope...,
The owner has reversionary intere...
17  cards
Chapter 7 - Escrows and Title Insurance
If a dispute arose during escrow ...,
Is southern california unilateral...,
Is southern california unilateral...
27  cards
Chapter 8 - Real Estate Finance
Leverage is the practice of purch...,
To utilize the _______ of leverag...,
To __________ is to provide title...
43  cards
Chapter 9 - Financial Institutions
Inflation when the value of somet...,
Deflation caused when the feds re...,
Seller s market
29  cards
Chapter 10 - Appraisal Basics
Market ______ selling price is th...,
Market ______ is the price that a...,
What are the 4 essential characte...
14  cards
Chapter 11 - Appraisal Methods
___________ is the process of con...,
Vacancy factor is the ____ in ren...,
Cost of capital mortgage payments...
12  cards
Chapter 12 - Subdivisions and Government Controls
________ __________ is the right ...,
What are examples of police power,
A ___________ is a parcel of land...
48  cards
Chapter 13 - Taxation of Real Estate
Real property taxes are also what,
________ ________ assesses ______...,
Proposition ___ limits the amount...
25  cards
Chapter 14 - Licensing, Education, and Associations
Personal property is transferred by,
This is a sale or lease of a busi...,
What are the three documents in a...
11  cards

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