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Ethics, Rules of Conduct and Professionalism
What are the new rules of conduct,
What is rule 1,
What is rule 2
166  cards
Client Care
What defines a good client relati...,
What are example of forms of comm...,
What is equans complaint handling...
30  cards
Communication & Negotiation
Define communication,
What are the different ways to co...,
Give some examples of oral commun...
34  cards
H & S
What is the health and safety at ...,
What does health and safety at wo...,
What are cdm regulations
63  cards
Accounting P & R
What is vat,
What is corporation tax,
What is an audit
48  cards
Business Planning
What are your company aims and ob...,
What is the structure of the rics,
Why are businesses analysed
49  cards
Conflict avoidance
What is independent expert determ...,
How can you avoid conflict in the...,
If a conflict occurs how do you d...
43  cards
Data Management
How long do you need to keep data...,
What type of data systems are use...,
What is a project extranet systems
24  cards
D I & T
What is workplace diversity,
What are some advantages of diver...,
Define inclusion in the workplace
20  cards
Inclusive Environments
What are inclusive environments,
What is discrimination,
What are the primary legislation ...
16  cards
What is sustainable development,
What is sustainable construction,
What are 3 three principles or pi...
47  cards
Commercial Management
What is an estimate,
What is a budget,
What is margin
51  cards
Construction Tech
What are the riba stages of work,
What are the 8 stages of riba,
Strategic definition
211  cards
Contract Practice
What forms a contract,
What is offer and acceptance,
How can a contract be used as a t...
102  cards
Procurement and Tendering
What does traditional procurement...,
What does d b procurement involve,
Why is a lump sum contract used
101  cards
Project Finance
What is cashflow,
What is a cvr,
What is a risk allowance
127  cards
Quantification and Costing
What is nrm2,
What is the bcis,
What is a gifa
67  cards
Contract Admin
Who is responsible for administer...,
What guidance is there for design...,
Can you talk me through the rics ...
34  cards
Risk Management
What are the principles of risk m...,
What is risk identification,
What is risk assessment
48  cards
Rules of Conduct
What is rule 1,
What is rule 2,
What is rule 3
17  cards

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