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2.1 Physical Quanities & Units
What are si base units,
What is checking the homogeneity ...,
What is checking the homogeneity ...
11  cards
All Experiments
Investigate the motion and collis...,
Determine the acceleration of fre...,
Determine the acceleration of fre...
31  cards
2.2 Making Measurements & Analysing Data
What is accuracy,
What is precision,
What is a systematic error
18  cards
2.3 Nature of Quantities
What is a scalar quantity,
What is a vector quantity,
What are some examples of scalar ...
8  cards
3.1 Motion
What is the definition of displac...,
What is the definition of instant...,
What is the definition of average...
35  cards
3.2 Forces in Action
Define resultant force,
What is the formula for resultant...,
When can you use f ma
46  cards
3.3 Work, Energy & Power
What is work done and what is the...,
What is work done measured in,
What is the definition of the joule
31  cards
3.4 Materials
What is the definition of hookes law,
What is the formula for hookes law,
What can the force constant be us...
42  cards
3.5 Newton's Laws of Motion & Momentum
What is newtons first law of motion,
What is newtons second law of motion,
What is newtons third law of motion
23  cards
4.1 Charge & Current
What is electric current defined as,
What is the formula for electric ...,
What is the unit of charge
31  cards
4.2 Energy, Power & Resistance
What does a switch do,
What does a cell do,
What does a lamp do
53  cards
4.3 Electrical Circuits
What is kirchoffs second law,
What is kirchoffs first law,
What is kirchoffs second law a co...
23  cards
4.4 Waves
What is a progressive wave,
What are the two types of waves,
Define longitudinal waves
84  cards
4.5 Quantum Physics
What is a quantum,
What is a photon,
What was newtons theory of light ...
41  cards
5.1 Thermal Physics
What is the triple point of pure ...,
How do you convert from degrees t...,
The pressure and temp of the trip...
77  cards
5.2 Circular Motion
What is one radian defined as,
What is 2 radians equal to,
Define frequency
31  cards
5.3 Oscillations
What is the definition of displac...,
What is the definition of amplitude,
What is the definition of period
41  cards
5.4 Gravitational Fields
What is a gravitational field,
Gravitational fields are due,
The field lines around a spherica...
34  cards
5.5 Astrophysics & Cosmology
Define the term planet,
Define the term planetary satellite,
Define the term comet
112  cards
6.1 Capacitors
What is a capacitor,
What is the name of the insulatin...,
What is the circuit symbol for a ...
37  cards
6.2 Electic Fields
What is an electric field,
How can you create an electric fi...,
What do electric field lines show
35  cards
6.3 Electromagnetism
What is a magnetic field,
What do magnetic field lines show,
How is a magnetic field of a bar ...
68  cards
6.4 Nuclear & Particle Physics
What was the alpha particle scatt...,
What are the two significant obse...,
What were the deductions from the...
143  cards
6.5 Medical Imaging
How do you produce x rays what ar...,
What is an x ray tube,
How do x ray tubes produce x rays
51  cards
Deriving Equations (ALL)
How do you derive gravitational e...,
How do you derive power force x v...,
How do you derive ke 05mv 2
6  cards

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