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What is the model of the endocrin...,
What are the two organs known as ...,
What do steroid hormones do
16  cards
Urinary system
What does the urinary system cons...,
What are the three layers of the ...
2  cards
Immune System
What are the 3 types of white blo...,
What is the function of a macrophage,
What is the function of a t lymph...
21  cards
People with o blood can accept __...,
What layer if the heart is compos...,
What segment if the ekg is associ...
12  cards
What organs uses hairs to filter ...
1  cards
Skeletal System
Two divisions of the skeletal system,
How many bones are in the axial s...,
What are the 4 types of vertebrae
11  cards
Integumentary system
What are the sweat glands associa...,
What is sebum,
What manufactures vitamin d
12  cards
What are the parts of the hindbrain,
Function of the midbrain,
Parts of forebrain
21  cards
digestive system
Where does protein digestion begin,
Where does absorption begin,
What are the lobes of the liver
20  cards
Lymphatic System
Function of the lymphatic system,
Parts of lymphatic system,
4 functions of lymphatic system
10  cards
Respiratory system
Parts of the upper,
Parts of lower,
What is the airway line with
15  cards
Where are ribosomes found,
Golgi complex
25  cards
Male and Female Repro
What produces sperm and testosterone,
What stores the sperm as it matures,
Function of seminal vasicles
9  cards
What are the 3 layers of muscle t...,
What is type of energy is require...
2  cards
Life and Physical science
What are the 4 major macromolecules,
What are the 4 main macros involv...,
What are the 4 molecules invplved...
104  cards
What do atoms consist of,
What does the nucleus consist of,
What charge does the nucleus have
46  cards
Physical Science
What is specific heat,
What is the specific heat capacit...,
What are intensive properties
61  cards
Scientific reasoning
What does a meter measure,
What does a liter measure,
What does a gram measure
29  cards

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