second year - biomedical sciences bs22001

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Lecture 1, 2 & 3 - Physiology and Pharmacology of the Neuromuscular Junction
What allows for communication at ...,
Where are neurotransmitters relea...,
What do neurotransmitter act upon...
77  cards
Lecture 6 -The Musculoskeletal System
What comprises the axial skeleton,
What is the appendicular skelton ...,
What does compact bone form
53  cards
Lecture 7 - Motor Units And Movement
What does the somatic system cons...,
What comprises the neural element...,
Where are upper motor neurones found
65  cards
Lecture 8 - Introuction To The Autonomic Nervous System
Divisions of the nervous system,
Main function of the autonomic ne...,
What does the ans regulate
59  cards
Lecture 9 - Muscles As Levers
What are the components of a rigi...,
What does connective tissue divid...,
What s connective tissue extended...
44  cards
Lecture 11 - Neuromuscular Reflexes
What are reflexes,
What do reflexes coordinate,
When skeletal muscle is pulled it...
68  cards
Lecture 15 - Pressure Gradients And Blood Flow
What is the resistance like withi...,
What do arteries act as in relati...,
What allows for the arteries to h...
47  cards
Lecture 16 - Control Of The Heart Rate • Physiology And Pharmacology
How does the heart set its own rate,
What is the heart innervated by,
What does increased activity in t...
90  cards
Lecture 17 - The Cardiac Cycle
What causes a valve to open,
What do the valves prevent,
What are the 5 phases of the card...
43  cards
Lecture 19 - Peripheral Vascular Resistance
How is blood pressure measured,
What are the kortkoff sounds prod...,
How are the kortkoff audible
45  cards
Lecture 18 - The Baroceptor Reflex
What is arterial blood pressure c...,
How is arterial blood pressure re...,
How is arterial blood pressure re...
33  cards
Lecture 20 - Control Of Blood Pressure : Pharmacology And The Role Of The Kidney
What is the cause of 90 of hypert...,
If the cause of hypertension is u...,
Hypertension that can be traced t...
53  cards
Lecture 21 - Disorders Of The Cardiovascular System
When does heart failure occur,
What does heart failure normal re...,
What are the symptoms of heart fa...
42  cards
Lecture 25 - Dynamic Mechanisms Of Breathing
What does poiseuilles law suggest,
In resp physiology what is airway...,
How is airway resistance measured
35  cards
Lecture 26 - Anatomy Of The Respiratory System
What nerves are involved in the p...,
What nerve controls breathing fre...,
What nerve innervates the respira...
26  cards
Lecture 27 - Basic Mechanisms Of The Respiratory Rhythm Generator
What is a respiratory rhythm gene...,
What are the properties of a rrg,
What area of the brain is respons...
30  cards
Lecture 28 - Chemical Control Of Breathing
What do central chemoreceptors pr...,
Characteristics of central chemor...,
What effect does hypoxia have on ...
9  cards
Lecture 29 - Overview
What effect does exercise have on...,
During exercise what happens to t...,
Values of heart rate stroke volum...
30  cards
Lecture 30 - Pharmacology Of Smooth Muscle In Relation To Cardiovascular Function
What constitutes most of the tuni...,
What does vascular smooth muscle ...,
What is a major regulator in the ...
86  cards
Lecture 4 - Excitation-Contraction Coupling
Characteristics of skeletal muscle,
Characteristics of a skeletal mus...,
Why are multiple mitochondria req...
59  cards
Lecture 5 - Muscle Contraction - Sliding Filaments
What does each myosin head have,
What are the three major proteins...,
What structure do the actin molec...
25  cards
Lecture 12 - Structure Of The Cardiovascular System
What is the function of the left ...,
What circulation is the left vent...,
What circulation is the right sid...
39  cards
Lecture 13 - The Cardiac Action Potential And ECG
What is the only conducting node ...,
What does the av node introduce,
What have the av node cells devel...
22  cards
Lecture 14 - Cardiac Output • Starling's Law
What is cardiac output,
What is cardiac output the produc...,
What is the stroke volume
29  cards
Lecture 22 - Lung Development, Structure And Gas Movement
What are the five phases of lung ...,
What doe the five phases of lung ...,
What is established during phase 1
81  cards
Lecture 23 - O2 And CO2 Transfer Between Alveolus, Blood And Tissue
Where does gas exchange occur,
Gas exchange across the alveolus ...,
What is ficks law of diffusion
48  cards
Lecture 24 - Mechanics Of Breathing
What is lung mechanics,
What are the two categories of lu...,
What are static properties
35  cards
Lecture 10 - Physiology Of Smooth Muscle
Where is smooth muscle mostly found,
What is the function of the smoot...,
What does smooth muscle control w...
62  cards

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