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Section 1 Overview to Security
Act of protecting data and inform...,
Act of protecting the systems tha...,
Confidentiality integrity availab...
45  cards
Section 2 Malware
Software designed to infiltrate a...,
Malicious code that runs on a mac...,
Virus that is stored in the first...
23  cards
Section 3 Malware Infections
Method used by an attacker to acc...,
Method used by an attacker to gai...,
Malware is placed on a website th...
16  cards
Section 4 Security Applications and Devices
Software applications that protec...,
Every windows computer has alread...,
Built in software firewall for ma...
28  cards
Section 5 Mobile Device Security
Integrated circuit that securely ...,
Allows two phones to utilize the ...,
Sending unsolicited messages to b...
9  cards
Section 6 Hardening
Act of configuring an operating s...,
Process of configuring workstatio...,
Only applications that are on the...
17  cards
Section 7 Supply Chain Management
A legal principle identifying a s...,
A microprocessor manufacturing ut...,
The process of ensuring that hard...
19  cards
Section 8 Virtualization
Creation of a virtual resource,
System virtual machines and proce...,
Complete platform designed to rep...
10  cards
Section 9 Application Security
Text files placed on a client s c...,
Usually used by spyware to gather...,
Used to keep track of users and t...
9  cards
Section 10 Secure Software Development
1 planning and analysis2 software...,
Software development is performed...,
Software development and informat...
41  cards
Section 11 Network Design
Used to explain network communica...,
Represents the actual network cab...,
Describes how a connection is est...
30  cards
Section 12 Perimeter Security
Security devices focused on the b...,
1 software based2 hardware based3...,
Inspects each packet passing thro...
20  cards
Section 13 Cloud Security
A way of offering on demand servi...,
Vdi allows a cloud provider to of...,
A service provider makes resource...
24  cards
Section 14 Automation
The automation of multiple steps ...,
1 resource orchestration2 workloa...,
A software development method whe...
13  cards
Section 15 Network Attacks
A logical communication endpoint ...,
A logical communication opening o...,
A logical communication opening c...
36  cards
Section 16 Securing Networks
A user or administrator level acc...,
Copper fiber optic and coaxial ca...,
A disturbance that can affect ele...
26  cards
Section 17 Physical Security
1 perimeter2 building3 room itself,
Area between two doorways that ho...,
Relies on the physical characteri...
6  cards
Section 18 Facilities Security
Process of controlling and or ext...,
Pipes are filled with water all t...,
Pipes are filled with pressurized...
23  cards
Section 19 Authentication
Use of two or more authentication...,
A password is computed from a sha...,
A password is computed from a sha...
27  cards
Section 20 Access Control
Methods used to secure data and i...,
The access control policy is dete...,
An access control policy where th...
20  cards
Section 21 Risk Assessments
A process used inside of risk man...,
The probability that a threat wil...,
Weaknesses in the design or imple...
33  cards
Section 22 Vulnerability Management
Seeks to identify any issue in a ...,
Practice of finding and mitigatin...,
Occurs when an attacker moves ont...
25  cards
Section 23 Monitoring and Auditing
Network traffic is analyzed for p...,
A baseline is established and any...,
Activity is evaluated based on th...
33  cards
Section 24 Cryptography
The practice and study of writing...,
Process of converting ordinary in...,
Inactive data that is archived su...
38  cards
Section 25 Hashing
A one way cryptographic function ...,
Algorithm that creates a fixed le...,
Condition that occurs when two di...
15  cards
Section 26 Public Key Infrastructure
An entrre system of hardware soft...,
Digitally signed electronic docum...,
Standard used pki for digital cer...
17  cards
Section 27 Security Protocols
1 emails2 websites3 remote contro...,
A standard that provides cryptogr...,
Cryptographic protocols that prov...
12  cards
Section 28 Planning for the worst
The individual elements objects o...,
An enclosure that provides two or...,
An unexpected increase in the amo...
39  cards
Section 29 Social Engineering
Manipulates a user into revealing...,
A person who works for or with yo...,
An attempt to fraudulently obtain...
22  cards
Section 30 Policies and Procedures
Defines the role of security in a...,
Provide a general direction and g...,
Address the security needs of a s...
43  cards
21 TCP - 445 TCP (Section 1)
File transfer protocol is used to...,
Secure shell is used to remotely ...,
Unencrypted method to remotely ad...
17  cards
465 TCP - 6514 TCP (Section 2)
Simple mail transfer protocol use...,
Syslog is used to conduct compute...,
Ldap is used to maintain director...
17  cards
Section 31 Incident Response and Forensics
A set of procedures that an inves...,
Program consisting of the monitor...,
Process of recognizing whether an...
34  cards
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