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Professor Messer Practice questions
You ve hired a third party to gat...,
Which of these protocols use tls ...,
Which of these threat actors woul...
255  cards
CompTia practice questions
1 an attacker sends a targeted em...,
2 which of the following is an ex...,
3 which of the following best des...
382  cards
Comptia review questions
You go out the back door of your ...,
User education can help to defend...,
You can often configure your emai...
247  cards
glossary of key terms
The maintenance and verification ...,
Policies that define the rules re...,
A list of permissions attached to...
414  cards
Networking Basics and Terminology (1)
Which of the following benefits a...,
A busy web site has not been resp...,
You would like to prevent client ...
14  cards
Networking Basics and Terminology (2)
One backend server named host 2 i...,
Which load balancing scheduling a...,
Which of the following terms is t...
11  cards
Introduction to Security Terminology
Your manager wayne is concerned a...,
Which type of malicious users or ...,
Your organization has begun quart...
28  cards
Security Policies and Standards
Our online retail business accept...,
Your legal consulting services co...,
You have been hired to review sec...
29  cards
Types of Attacks (1)
You are inspecting a user s syste...,
You want to implement a security ...,
Which of the following descriptio...
28  cards
Types of Attacks (2)
Your manager has been hearing a l...,
A user calls and asks you to send...,
An attacker tricks a user into cl...
17  cards
Vulnerabilities and Threats
A previous cloud administrator ha...,
Which of the following statements...,
While conducting an assessment of...
26  cards
Mitigating Security Threats
You have enabled encryption for c...,
Your manager suggests using lapto...,
You have decided to use a central...
26  cards
Implementing Host-Based Security
You have been tasked with deployi...,
You need to implement a tool that...,
Your software development team is...
27  cards
Securing the Network Infrastructure
Your manager has asked you to con...,
A security audit of your call cen...,
Your organization stores sensitiv...
27  cards
Wireless Networking and Security
You have discovered an unauthoriz...,
After reviewing device security l...,
Which of the following represents...
29  cards
Which authentication protocol is ...,
Your organization requires a meth...,
Which configuration option enhanc...
28  cards
Authorization and Access Control (1)
Which identity federation compone...,
After successful authentication w...,
You are configuring file system s...
16  cards
Authorization and Access Control (2)
Organizational security policies ...,
You are configuring a hardware fi...,
To achieve regulatory compliance ...
15  cards
Introduction to Cryptography
Which cryptographic operations us...,
Which cryptographic operation doe...,
Which type of key is used by an i...
29  cards
Managing a Public Key Infrastructure
Which of the following items are ...,
Which component sits at the top o...,
What is established when a device...
27  cards
Physical Security
What can be done to protect switc...,
What can limit the data emanation...,
What methods are most commonly us...
30  cards
Application Attacks and Security
An exploit connects to a specific...,
Which of the following best descr...,
You are analyzing web traffic in ...
31  cards
Virtualization and Cloud Security
You are a server virtualization c...,
A private medical practice hires ...,
Which of the following are true r...
29  cards
Risk Analysis
You are responsible for ensuring ...,
You are identifying security thre...,
During a risk analysis meeting yo...
30  cards
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
A team leader assigns a server ad...,
An airline company has hired you ...,
A busy clustered web site regular...
28  cards
Understanding Monitoring and Auditing
Which of the following can stop i...,
Which of the following would an a...,
You are responsible for managing ...
30  cards
Security Assessments and Audits (1)
As part of your security audit yo...,
Your network consists of 250 comp...,
You would like to focus on and tr...
17  cards
Security Assessments and Audits (2)
A security auditor discovers open...,
While auditing a windows active d...,
Which type of security testing pr...
17  cards
Incident Response and Computer Forensics
What must be determined by the fi...,
After seizing computer equipment ...,
A warrant has been issued to inve...
31  cards
Pre-Assessment Exam
Which prevention and mitigation m...,
A company executive complains tha...,
Which type of attack involves an ...
38  cards
346  cards
Acronyms + Description
A a,
323  cards
34  cards
Syslog ng
6  cards
Networking Commands
Tracert traceroute,
Nslookup dig,
Ipconfig ifconfig
17  cards
File Manipulation Commands
6  cards
Boot camp
Port 20 21,
Port 22,
Port 23
54  cards
Memorization Of Ports
80 tcp,
995 tcp,
636 tcp udp
34  cards

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