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What is homeostasis,
What is a negative feedback reaction,
What is an example of a negative ...
14  cards
Life at the Cellular Level
What 3 parts of a cell do both eu...,
What are characteristics of proka...,
What are characteristics of eukar...
40  cards
Health and Disease
What are the definitions of aetio...,
What is the difference between a ...
2  cards
Forces Acting Across Membranes
What are aquaporin channels,
What are the na k protein levels ...,
What are key characteristics of m...
27  cards
Intro to Blood
What is the average circulating v...,
What are the functions of blood,
What is plasma composed of
21  cards
What is the immune system,
What is a pathogen,
What are the two sections of the ...
32  cards
What are carbohydrates,
What are the monosaccharides,
What are disaccharides
34  cards
The Citric Acid Cycle
Where does acetyl coa come from,
How is acetyl coa made,
What is the cac
6  cards
Terminal Respiration
What is the only site of oxidativ...,
What is the glycerol phosphate sh...,
What is involved in the electron ...
16  cards
What is the structure of amino acids,
What are amino acids affected by,
What is the structure of aliphati...
20  cards
What is an enzyme,
What is a cofactor,
What is a co enzyme
10  cards
Where does nitrogen come from in ...,
What are the nitrogen containing ...,
What enzyme cuts protein in the s...
5  cards
What are some properties of lipids,
What are the different lipid classes,
What are the essential fa
31  cards
Label the structures of the brain,
How many pairs of spinal nerves a...,
Label the structure of the spinal...
27  cards
How does intercellular communicat...,
What molecules bond to intracellu...,
What are some examples of intrace...
21  cards
Spinal Reflexes
What is a reflex,
Give an example of a stretch reflex,
Where is the force transmitted in...
18  cards
Sensory receptors
What are the 3 types of sensory r...,
What is a receptor potential,
What does high stimulus intensity...
26  cards
Autonomic Physiology 1
What does the autonomic nervous s...,
What are the divisions of the aut...,
Describe the myelination in pre g...
24  cards
Autonomic Physiology 2
What is the effect of adrenaline ...,
What is the effect o noradrenalin...,
What is the effect of acetylcholi...
25  cards
Autonomic and NMJ Pharmacology
How many types of cholinergic rec...,
How many types of adrenergic rece...,
What is the function of presynapt...
22  cards
Muscles 1
What are the three types of muscl...,
How are skeletal muscle fibres fo...,
What makes up a muscle
36  cards
Muscle 2
What does excess fatigue cause,
What does muscle fatigue depend on,
What factors contribute to fatigue
33  cards
Antimicrobial chemotherapy (better cue cards
Define bactericidal,
Define bacteriostatic,
Define sensitive
65  cards
Introduction to Medical Microbiology
What are the 5 possible infecting...,
What is the specimen collection f...,
What is the specimen collection f...
20  cards
Introduction to Bacteria
What are the key differences betw...,
What is the gram stain appearance...,
What is the gram stain appearance...
19  cards
Introduction to Fungi
What does the cell wall of a fung...,
Does a fungi form spores,
Does a fungi contain chlorophyl
27  cards
Introduction to Viruses
Describe the possible shapes of a...,
What are obligate intracellular p...,
What can virus families be classi...
21  cards
Gram Positive Bacteria
What type of bacteria is bacilli ...,
What are group d streptococci re ...,
What does streptococcus pneumonia...
56  cards
Gram Negative Bacteria
Neisseria meningitidis meningitis...,
Aerobic gram negative cocci,
Can t be stained with gram stains...
76  cards
Introduction to Parasites
What is a vector,
What are the three classes of par...,
Describe the structure of protozoa
27  cards
Pathogens and host intro
What are the possible signs and s...,
What is a pathogen,
What is a commensal
17  cards
Pathogens and Host - Virus and Pathogenesis
What are the virus pathogenic mec...,
What are the sites of viral entry,
What is a chronic infection
16  cards
Hypersensitivity and autoimmunity
What is an autoimmune disease,
Provide examples of different way...,
Define hypersensitivity
23  cards
Tumour Pathology
What is a neoplasm,
Describe the growth of tumours,
What are the types of tumour
29  cards
Tumour Pathology 2
What are the altered genetic asso...,
What is the altered cellular func...,
Is there a unique feature specifi...
25  cards
Tumour Pathology 3
What are the local effects of ben...,
What is the symptom of anaemia,
What are the systemic effects of ...
15  cards
Acute Inflammation
What is acute inflammation,
What are some cardinal signs of i...,
What is the aetiology of inflamma...
24  cards
Chronic inflammation 1
What is the definition of chronic...,
What are some causes of chronic i...,
What is the mechanism of granulat...
22  cards
What does vaccination mean,
What are the differerent types of...,
What are the differerent types of...
6  cards
Gram positive- Adam
List clinically significant gram ...,
Difference between staphylococci ...,
What is staphylococcus aureus
9  cards
Gram negative- Adam
List clinically significant gram ...,
What is escherichia coli,
What is salmonella spp
8  cards
Tumour pathology 4 Adam
What are signal tranduction molec...,
What is an example of a signal tr...,
What are the ways of inhibiting a...
17  cards
Tumour pathology 5 - Adam
What can go wrong with her 2,
What signal transduction molecule...,
What is the common mutation in br...
9  cards
Circulation: Physiological thrombosis & clotting in wound healing
What is the structure of an arter...,
What is contained in the lumen of...,
What is contained in the plasma
18  cards
Circulation: Pathological thrombosis and clot formation
What is ischaemia,
What is hypoxia,
What is an infarct
7  cards
Circulation: Circulatory shock
What is circulatory shock,
What does normal blood pressure r...,
How does the body detect blood pr...
10  cards
Outline of disease process of cancer
What are the different types of c...,
What cells provide growth factors...,
What is used by cancer cells to r...
24  cards
What is chemotherapy,
What cells does chemotherapy affect,
How is chemotherapy delivered
19  cards
Therapeutic options; cancer
What can be used to prevent cancer,
What are the differerent treatmen...,
What is red meat consumption link...
21  cards
Chromosomes and Cell division 1/2 - First Lecture
Where are the telomeres of a chro...,
What is the end replication problem,
How do eukaryotes solve the end r...
5  cards
Chromosomes and Cell Division 2/2 - First Lecture
What are the stages of the cell c...,
What are the different stages of ...,
What happens during the g1 stage ...
34  cards
Mendelian Inheritance
What are the characteristics of a...,
What is huntingtons disease,
What is x linked inheritance
14  cards
Storing and using genetic info
In what direction is dna replicated,
What is the difference between ex...,
What is a codon
14  cards
What is trisomy 21,
What is trisomy 13,
What is trisomy 18
13  cards
Estimating risk of inherited disease
What does fitness mean,
What dos the hardy weinburg equil...,
What is genetic drift
10  cards
Genetic predisposition to cancer
What turns proto oncogenes into o...,
What do oncogenes cause,
What is the result of tumour to t...
20  cards
Drug Absorption
Define pharmaceutical process,
Define pharmacokinetic process,
Define pharmacodynamic process
40  cards
Drug Distribution
What does drug distribution refer to,
What does tissue distribution dep...,
What can be said about an unbound...
27  cards
Drug Metabolism
What is the effect of metabolism,
What happens to lipid soluble sub...,
What are the important sites of m...
26  cards
Drug Delivery
How can drug formulation affect t...,
What determines the drug delivery...,
What factors do we consider to de...
40  cards
Drug Drug Interactions
What is defined as drug drug inte...,
When has a drug interaction occured,
Define object drug
25  cards
Prescribing Errors
What is defined as a medication e...,
What are the four most common typ...,
When are health care professional...
15  cards
Clinical Trials
Why are clinical trials important,
What is defined as pre clinical d...,
What is phase 1 of clinical devel...
14  cards
Non-Mendelian Inheritance
What is penetrance,
2 factors which contribute to dis...,
What are genetic modifiers
9  cards
Intro To Pharmacokinetics
Different barriers drugs cross,
What plays a role in whether a dr...,
What is biophase
14  cards

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