semester 4 - head and neck

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Session 1 - Anatomy of the neck
What are the two triangles formed...,
Which of the two triangles which ...,
What are the borders of the anter...
44  cards
Session 3 - TMJ
What three muscles are found in t...,
What three arteries are found in ...,
What three veins are found in the...
25  cards
Session 4 - Cranial nerves
What are the two mnemoics for cra...,
Name the 12 cranial nerves,
Name and outline the sensory func...
40  cards
Session 4 - Autonomic innervation of the head and neck
What supplies sympathetic innerva...,
Where can the sympathetic trunk b...,
Where do pre ganglionic sympathet...
40  cards
Session 1 - Group work
What is meant by the term fascia,
Give two types of fascia found in...,
Why is knowledge of ther fascia o...
30  cards
Session 2 & 3 - Group work
Apart from thoracic pain and poss...,
214 what branch of which cranial ...,
Give two anatomical markers which...
8  cards
Lecture 1 - Development of the H&N
What are the pharyngeal arches co...,
How many branchial arches are there,
What are branchial arches separat...
35  cards
Lecture 2 - Development of the H&N
What is the first evidence of fac...,
What are the five folds which app...,
What is the frontonasal prominenc...
21  cards
Session 5 - Optic shizzle
What makes up the roof of the orbit,
What makes up the floor of the orbit,
What makes up the medial side of ...
62  cards
Session 5 - Diseases of the eye
What controls the corneal reflex,
What happens if there is damage t...,
What is mydriasis
21  cards
Session 6 - Ear anatomy
What are the three main parts of ...,
What is the main visible part of ...,
What are the three main features ...
37  cards
Session 6 - Diseases of the ear
What is an auricular haematoma,
Name four congenital pinna deform...,
What is acute otitis externa
28  cards
Session 5 - Group work questions
How is a meibomian cyst different...,
What two nerves can be damaged to...,
What are the effects on lacrimati...
14  cards
Session 6 - Group work questions
What is the sensory nerve supply ...,
What is the sensory nerve supply ...,
What is the most important poster...
18  cards
Session 7 - The Nose
What two main parts is the nose d...,
What are the two main tissues whi...,
What are the three main bony part...
48  cards
Session 7 - Oh Noes (when things go wrong)
What are four places infections o...,
What is rhinitis,
Give three viral causes of rhinitis
17  cards
Session 7 - Group work
What are the functions of the tur...,
What anatomical features facillit...,
What is the structure of the nasa...
12  cards
Session 8 - Trigeminal and facial nerves
Why are cranial nerves called cra...,
What are the three main branches ...,
Where does the trigeminal nerve a...
36  cards
Session 8 - Group work
Why might a fractured cribriform ...,
A patient complains that he canno...,
Why might pressing a boil on the ...
15  cards
Session 11 - Embryology
Where can the pituitary gland be ...,
What are the two main components ...,
Outline the type pituitary origin...
37  cards
Session 11 - Pharynx
What is the pharynx,
What are the three parts of the p...,
Where does the pharynx extend to ...
53  cards
Session 2 - Notes
Give branches of external carotid,
Give layers of scalp,
Give arteries to the scalp
39  cards
COA Clinical Stuff
Why does severe pain occur in par...,
What cause viral parotitis,
Where does parotid gland disease ...
11  cards
Session 11 - The Larynx
What does the larynx connect,
What does the larynx contain,
Where does the larynx extend to a...
57  cards
Laryngeal Dysfunction
What is a red flag symptom associ...,
Give five possible laryngeal diso...,
Give a neuromuscular explanation ...
14  cards
Session 2 - Lymph and Cervical Vertebrae
Outline the special features of c...,
What joint is the atlas involved in,
What is the axis
32  cards
Session 11 & 12 Group Work
What is the muscle which elevates...,
What does levator glandulae thyro...,
What is the role of the supra and...
20  cards

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