somm intro course workbook

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What is the definition of a somm ...,
This model is based on factors of...,
What is viticulture
16  cards
18  cards
Primary steps in prefermentation,
Equation for fermentation,
Main difference between red and w...
14  cards
Deductive Tasting
Sensory evaluation,
Theroetical deduction,
Site of wine
33  cards
Wine Pairing & BEER
When evaluating a wine for suitab...,
When evaluating a dish suitable f...,
Should level of intensity match o...
33  cards
French Law
When was the eu standardization f...,
When was frances aoc created and ...,
Why did france institute this
5  cards
Historically important foreign bu...,
Where is bordeaux,
Climate and vine risks
41  cards
Where is champagne located,
What is champagnes climate,
Soils of champagne
25  cards
Loire Valley
Loire valley contains the longest...,
What are the major sub regions of...,
Describe the climate and terroir ...
27  cards
What makes alsace frances most di...,
Where is alsace located,
Diffeence between bah rhin and ha...
15  cards
Rhone Valley
Where does the northern rhone begin,
Northern rhone climate,
Where does the rhone river originate
23  cards
Where is victoria,
What region was first affected by...,
How did australia survive phylloxera
46  cards
Three main wine regions in argentina,
Which european immigrants revital...,
Is argentina south americas large...
17  cards
Facts about spains acres under vi...,
Where do they fall in terms of ex...,
Where is spain
48  cards
United States
Early us wine pinings,
Who is the pioneer in the us know...,
What role did the gold rush play ...
54  cards
Austria is flanked by,
Austria produces less than,
Climate and topography
12  cards
Germany & South Africa
Germans leading white grape that ...,
Germanys vineyards are planted on
36  cards
New Zealand
What slowed down growth in the ne...,
What made new zealand famous,
Where is new zealand located
18  cards
Fortified Wines
When can fortification take place,
Sherry jerez or xerex,
Where is jerez
26  cards
Where is chili,
Icy humboldt current,
Climate and rainshadows
14  cards
Process of distillation,
Common raw materials,
Are some raw materials ie sugars ...
49  cards
Primary ingredientsin beer,
3  cards
What is cider,
Percent of alc in cider,
European cider style
7  cards
How old is sake and how many prod...,
Ingredients in sake,
Neutral distilled alc or brewers ...
10  cards
How many independent wine produci...,
Appenine mountains and alps,
What three countried does italy b...
53  cards

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