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Final Review (environmental illnesses)
Core temperature,
Shell temp,
Normal core temp
24  cards
Head Injuries/ Anatomy
1 olfactory,
2 optic,
3 occulomotor
38  cards
Final Review (Vocab)
30  cards
Final Review (Bones)
How many bones in your body,
What are the 5 types of bones,
Example of each type of bone
48  cards
Final Review (First aid)
Three steps of wound care,
17  cards
Foot and Ankle Review
How many bones are in the foot ankle,
How many phalanges are there,
How many metatarsals are there
42  cards
Foot Injuries
Meniscus injury,
Meniscus injury s s,
Meniscus treatment
26  cards
Hand/Wrist Anatomy
What are the 5 bones in the hand ...,
Which side is the radius on,
Which side is the ulna on
20  cards
Hand/Wrist Injuries
What are the wrist injuries 4,
Hand injuries 4,
Colles fracture
14  cards
Quarter 3 Final
Which bone is the most weight bea...,
What is the most commonly spraine...,
What are the medial ankle ligamen...
85  cards
Elbow Anatomy/Injuries
What are the 2 muscles of the upp...,
What are the 2 muscle groups of t...,
What action does the biceps brach...
37  cards
Shoulder Anatomy
What kind of joint is the shoulder,
What are the 4 major bones of the...,
What is the top of the humerus
24  cards
Shoulder Injuries
Humeral fracture,
Treatment for humeral fracture,
Ac sprain separation mechanism
16  cards
Spine Test
How many total vertebrae are in t...,
How many cervical vertebrae,
How many lumbar vertebrae
50  cards
Final S2
What are the 3 ligaments of the e...,
What is the tissue in between the...,
What are the 2 muscles of the upp...
45  cards

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