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Practice test 1
3w after undergoing arteriography...,
12yo girl is brought to the ed 30...,
An unconscious 27yo man is brough...
50  cards
Practice test 2
5d after undergoing an emergency ...,
52yo woman with well controlled t...,
47yo man comes ot the physician f...
50  cards
Practice test 3
A 3w female newborn is brought to...,
57yo man comes to the physician b...,
8h after undergoing transurethral...
50  cards
Pretest - Pre & post operative care
58yo woman develops constipation ...,
5d after an uneventful cholecyste...,
A 50yo pt presents with symptomat...
49  cards
Pretest - GI tract, liver, pancreas
74yo woman is admitted with upper...,
35yo woman presents with frequent...,
59yo woman presents with rlq pain...
79  cards
Pretest - endocrine problems and the breast
45yo woman complains to her pcp o...,
A pt with mild skin pigmentation ...,
35yo woman with a hx of previous ...
53  cards
Transplants, Immunology, and Oncology
43yo man with a gangrenous gallbl...,
49yo man who underwent liver tran...,
52yo woman with renal failure is ...
50  cards
An 18yo football player is seen i...,
34yo man is extricated from an au...,
65yo man presents with acute onse...
30  cards
Critical care: anaesthesiology, blood gases & respiratory care
75yo thin cachectic woman undergo...,
53 yo woman has been intubated fo...,
19yo man receives an un cross mat...
54  cards
Skin: Wounds, infections, burns, hands, plastic surgery
45yo woman is seen with wasting o...,
68yo woman presents with a pigmen...,
25yo woman presents with a benign...
28  cards
Trauma and shock
A teenage boy falls from his bicy...,
10yo boy was the backseat belted ...,
65yo man who smokes cigarettes an...
60  cards
cardiothoracic problems
75yo woman with a hx of angina is...,
68yo man is diagnosed with lung c...,
71yo woman with 40y smoking hx is...
43  cards
peripheral vascular problems
64yo woman complains of r calf pa...,
For the first 6h following a long...,
72yo man undergoes a aortobifemor...
20  cards
60yo man sees a urologist for wha...,
36yo man presents to the ed with ...,
8yo boy is seen by a pediatrician...
11  cards
A severely traumatized woman is s...,
25yo unhelmeted man involved in a...,
50yo woman complains of ha and la...
16  cards
14 yo boy is brought to medical a...,
A young motorcycle driver is thro...,
48yo man with strong hx of cigare...
11  cards
pediatric surgery
A neonate is examined in the nurs...,
A 2mo boy is examined b c he has ...,
A newborn has a midline defect in...
20  cards

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