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Histology Terms
44  cards
Cell Biology
What intracellular protein comple...,
You are investigating maternal fa...
125  cards
Enzymes and Clinical Enzymology
A 52 year old man is brought to t...,
A 28 year old woman is brought to...,
A 25 year old man comes to the ph...
80  cards
Genetics, Genomics, and Human Variation
A 39 year old woman comes to the ...,
Which of the following describes ...,
Cells are being studied by light ...
43  cards
37  cards
Osmolarity and Tonicity-Fluid Transport
Penetrating solutes,
Non penetrating solutes,
Which solutes non penetrating vs ...
18  cards
Fibrous Proteins, Proteoglycans and Glycoproteins
A scientist investigates the enzy...,
A research group investigates the...,
A research laboratory isolates a ...
7  cards
DNA replication
Role of magnesium ions mg 2,
Zidovudine can,
Initiator proteins dnaa protein
27  cards
Inheritance Patterns
X linked recessive disorders,
Process of translation,
Compounds affecting protein synth...
33  cards
Receptors, Drugs, Mechanism of Action
Alpha 1 adrenergic receptor,
Alpha 2 adrenergic receptor,
Beta adrenergic receptor
13  cards
Connective Tissue
Permanent cells,
Transient wandering,
14  cards
Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
Cis acting regulatory elements,
Trans acting factors,
Cis regulatory elements
14  cards
Cellular Adaptation
Cellular adaptation to nonlethal ...,
32  cards
Folds in the brain,
Grooves in the brain,
Deep groove in the brain
71  cards
Myomesin and c protein,
Myosin binding protein c,
23  cards
Autonomic Nervous System
Sympathetic nervous system includ...,
Parasympathetic nervous system in...
16  cards
96  cards
Clinical Diagnosis
Trisomy 21 features signs and sym...,
Genetic causes of down syndrome,
Trisomy 18 features
21  cards
Drugs and Mechanisms of Action
Sulfa drugs sulfonamides,
43  cards
Skin/Integumentary System
Multiple sensory modalities fine ...,
Skin receptors that allow for cut...,
Deep pressure skin receptors
23  cards
What type of growth is chondrobla...,
25  cards
Bones of the pelvic inlet,
Bones of the anterior pelvic outlet,
Bones of the posterior pelvic outlet
8  cards
Cardiac Muscle Physiology
Pacemaker activity of the heart i...,
How does the heart regulate force...,
What is a syncytium
34  cards
Muscle Physiology
Condition in which auto antibodie...,
Condition in which auto antibodie...,
This toxin blocks the release of ...
9  cards
CPR (Cardiopulmonary Renal)
Role of thrmbomodulin,
Role of prostacyclin,
Role of von willebrand factor
71  cards
EKG Basics
Atrial depolarization is recorded...,
Av valves are,
Depolarization of the ventricular...
8  cards
Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease, LDL, VLDL, Chylomicrons
Chylomicrons are released by the ...,
Vldls are released by the into th...,
What molecules are cleaved by lip...
66  cards
Hemostasis and Coagulation
Aspirin function,
Warfarin oral anticoagulant
56  cards
Cardiovascular Histology Terms
Underlying contractile subendothe...,
40 70 layers of elastic fibers fo...,
Thin connective tissue layer with...
21  cards
Pulmonary System
Surfactant is produced by,
Function of surfactant,
When does the production of surfa...
58  cards
Lymphatic System
Cells that synthesize ifn gamma i...,
Cells that synthesize il4 il5 il1...,
Synthesize il 17 and il 22 destro...
22  cards
Characteristics and cells present...,
Cardinal signs of inflammation
14  cards
Renal Physiology
Loop diuretics,
Mechanism of action of loop diure...
14  cards
Serum Proteins
Proteins in the alpha 1 globulin ...,
Proteins in the alpha 2 globulin ...,
Proteins in the beta globulin gand
26  cards
FTM Exam 1 Diseases
Turner s syndrome,
Kleinfelter s syndrome,
Xyy syndrome
49  cards
FTM Exam 2 Diseases
I cell disease mucolipidosis ii
66  cards
MSK Exam Diseases
Acromegaly gh mediated
45  cards
CPR Exam #1 Diseases
Amytrophic lateral sclerosis,
Chronic granulomatous disease,
Myeloperoxidase deficiency
114  cards
CPR Exam #2
Copd chronic bronchitis,
Copd emphysema,
Restrictive lung disease pulmonar...
61  cards
Lymphatic System-Lecture 25 (Cells)
What is the first signal for th c...,
Th1 cells synthesize,
Th2 cells synthesize
7  cards
Determining Pregnancy
Early pregnancy factor epf,
Assay of hcg,
Which imaging technique can confi...
11  cards
Derivatives of Primative Germ Layer
3  cards
Cell Division Notes
A cell division in humans is obse...,
At the beginning of meiosis there...,
At the end of meiosis i each cell...
5  cards
Lysosomal Storage Diseases (LSDs)
Tay sachs disease,
Anti cancer agents
23  cards
Regulation of Ion Channels
Ligand gated channels,
Voltage gated channels,
Mechanosensitive channels
5  cards
Tonicity and Osmolarity
What are the indications and cons...,
What are the indications and cons...,
What are the indications and cons...
9  cards
Challenge Yourself Questions-Clinical Anatomy
A radiologist is examining a comp...,
Clinically the bones can be class...,
Long bones are responsible for mo...
20  cards
Nucleoside and Nucleotide Analogs
Azidothymidine azt and didanosine...,
9  cards
Glycolipids-Composition and Function
General function of glycolipids a...,
5  cards
Embryology/Cell & Organ Derivatives
Which layer secretes human chorio...,
Neural crest cells derivatives,
Neural tube derivatives
12  cards
DNA Translation and Transcription
Central dogma of biology,
Steps of pre mran splicing
2  cards
Autonomic Nervous System
Adrenergic noradrenergic,
Adrenoceptor adrenergic receptor,
Baroreceptor reflex
11  cards
Enzymes FTM 2
Prpp synthetase,
Phosphoribosyl amidotransferase,
Xanthine oxidase
16  cards
Serum Proteins and Associated disorders
Components of blood plasma,
Blood serum prepared in laboratory,
Function of albumin
35  cards

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