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Where does excitation originate i...,
Where is the sa node located,
When the heart is controlled by t...
184  cards
List some risk factors for atheroma,
What is the pathogenesis for athe...,
What is the fibrous cap of an ath...
25  cards
Peripheral Vascular Disease
When does intermittent claudicati...,
What is intermittent claudication,
What are the four main pulses in ...
21  cards
Cardiomyopathy, Myocarditis and Pericarditis
What is cardiomyopathy,
What are the three main types of ...,
Descibe dilated cardiomyopathy
59  cards
Anatomy - Cardiovascular Theory
Which nerev sits anterior to the ...,
Which nerve sits posterior to the...,
Where do the phrenic nerve lie in...
94  cards
What is hypertension,
Bloof pressure higher than ___ __...,
Hypertension is a risk factor for...
31  cards
What are the two types of stoke a...,
____________ is the most common c...,
Ischaemic stoke can have three ma...
12  cards
Normally blood is ________,
What is bacteraemia,
What is septicaemia
49  cards
What should be the only pathway f...,
What is an arrhythmia,
What are the two main classes of ...
91  cards
MI and Ischaemic Heart Disease
What is chronic stable angina,
What is the recommendation for pa...,
When may angina commonyl be felt
74  cards
Venous Thromboembolic Disease
What is dvt,
What is distal dvt,
What is proximal dvt
58  cards
Valvular Heart Disease
What is orthopnoea,
What is paroxysmal nocturnal dysp...,
What is the new york association ...
70  cards
Cardiovascular Disease
What is atherosclerosis,
What can form a plaque within art...,
Why is atherosclerosis of concern
21  cards
Cardiac Arrest
What is cardiac arrest,
What is the chain of survival,
Which drug is given in the instan...
15  cards
Cardiovascular Drugs
For the treatment of hypertension...,
In a patient is under 55 years ol...,
If a patient is being treated for...
38  cards
How many large squares pass throu...,
What is a normal pr length,
What is a normal qrs length
16  cards
Heart Failure
How is heart failure diagnosed,
Name some causes of cardiac myopathy,
Right heart failue will cause con...
37  cards
Pharmacological Treatment of Cardiovascular Conditions
If controlling the rate in regula...,
When would digoxin be considered ...,
Lignocaine belongs to which class...
62  cards
Pharmacology 1 - Drugs Affecting Vasculature and Blood Pressure
What confers the ability for musc...,
By which two methods can calcium ...,
How is myosin light chain kinase ...
90  cards
Pharmacology 2 - Drugs Modifying Cardiac Rate and Force
During a nodal action potential w...,
In the context of a nodal action ...,
In the context of a nodal action ...
100  cards
Pharmacology 3 - Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs
Which three tracts can travel wit...,
Which tract conducts the action p...,
What are the two main causes for ...
77  cards
Pharmacology 4 - Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease
How are non polar lipids transpor...,
In regards to both hdl and ldl wh...,
In general terms what does the st...
75  cards
Pharmacology 5 - Anti-platelet, Anticoagulant and Thrombolytic Drugs
What is the process of haemostasis,
What are the three main stages in...,
What are the key events in primar...
96  cards
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