typical & atypical development

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Perceptual development
Is vision well developed at birth,
Are we near far sighted at birth,
At 2 months old we focus on objec...
68  cards
Autobiographical memory
What is autobiographical memory,
Is am short long lasting,
What is recognition memory
56  cards
Development of face perception
What does the evolutionary perspe...,
What does the experimental perspe...,
In terms of face tracking what fe...
36  cards
Development of imitation & action understanding
What is imitation,
What are perceptually transparent...,
What are perceptually opaque actions
53  cards
Grammatical development
Successful language requires know...,
Are vocabulary grammar morphology...,
Transition from word gesture comb...
73  cards
Numeracy development
How do we know that we have an in...,
According to cooper 1984 what fea...,
Which researcher s found that inf...
77  cards
Theory of mind
How did miller 2006 define theory...,
What is theory of mind an importa...,
As well as tom what is the other ...
74  cards
Developmental disorders
What is the definition of develop...,
What conditions come under autism...,
What are the characteristics of asd
110  cards
What does dna express itself into,
What do proteins interact with to...,
What is caused by cellular activity
127  cards
Cognitive ageing
What is short term memory,
What test do we use to investigat...,
How does stm storage change with age
71  cards
Adolescent brain
Galvan et al 2007 tested children...,
In galvan et als 2007 study pps h...,
How did galvan et al 2007 ensure ...
94  cards

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typical & atypical development

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