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big 5 (more like 7) EP's
Eng fire on ground,
Eng fire in flight,
Single engine failure hover oge
8  cards
RFM chapter 2 - Limits
Describe name fli time torque and...,
Lateral center of gravity limits ...,
Slope operations
38  cards
RFM chapter 3 - EP's (Bold face)
Memory items,
The basic rules,
Land immediately
39  cards
RFM chapter 9 - AFCS Limits and EP's
Airspeed limitations,
Minimum airspeed in ias mode,
Minimum airspeed in alt mode
26  cards
Aviation medicine orientation aam...,
Aviation medicine orientation us ...,
Aviation medicine orientation us ...
166  cards
Acedemics test - theory of rotary wing
Define ceiling,
Lgticcccg is translated to,
Tsb40 is translated to
92  cards
Flight restrictions - Exogenous factors
Which medicine use should your fl...,
Anesthesia restricted for ___ hou...,
Use of dietary supplements herbal...
13  cards
Airspaces and VFR weather minima
What does this picture tell you,
What does this picture tell you c...,
What does this picture tell you c...
50  cards
AFCS - levels of automation
Level 1,
Level 2,
Level 3
5  cards
Comprehensive test-1 supplement
Self imposed stressors,
4 types of hypoxia,
Define hypoxic hypoxia
63  cards
Instrument 1 - pubs (Day 1)
Fih is short for,
Gp is short for,
Tpp is short for
38  cards
Instrument 1 - Attitude instrument flying (Day 2)
Atitude instrument flying is,
Control and performance method is,
Control instruments
22  cards
Instrument 1 - IFR Navigation and Garmin 430 (Day 3)
When are notams required to be ch...,
2 types of navigation,
What is space based navigation
27  cards
Instrument - Navigation display (Day 4, 5 and 6)
Regarding the rmi the head of the...,
Regarding the rmi the tail of the...,
What is homing
14  cards
Instrument Part 2 - Holding (Day 9)
Define holding,
Reasons for holdingunexpected exp...,
4 types of holding
11  cards
Instrument Part 2 - TLA and TPP (Day 10)
Mda is short for,
Vasi is short for,
Lpv is short for
32  cards
Instrument part 2 - departure procedure (Day 11)
Where can you depart from on an a...,
2 ways to get ifr clearance from ...,
4 ways to get ifr clearance from ...
15  cards
Instrument part 2 - Instrument approach procedures; Non-precision (Day 12)
4 iap segments,
2 things all non precision approa...,
When can you fly below mds
24  cards
Instrument part 2 - Instrument approach procedures; Precision (Day 13)
Precision approach definition,
When can you go below da,
2 approved types of precision app...
9  cards
Instrument 2 - Instrument approach procedures; Ground controlled (Day 14)
Gca is short for,
Gca is defined as,
2 types of cga
13  cards
Instrument 2 - Comprehensive
Where do you find definitions,
Where do you find information abo...,
Where do you find information abo...
14  cards
Instrument 3 - Basic Instrument planning (day 17)
Weather void time if the aircraft...,
What are the weather briefing sou...,
Current departure weather conditi...
8  cards
Instrument 3 - Flight plan (day 18)
The fuel you need to calculate in...
1  cards
Instrument 3 - ATC clearances (day 19)
The number 1 reason we have atc,
What is a clearance,
When may a pilot deviate from a c...
13  cards
Instrument 3 - IFR communication (day 20)
The single most important precept...,
What is a compulsory reporting point,
If flying off route navigation be...
11  cards
Instrument 3 - Lost communication (day 21)
Lost comms in vmc what to do,
Lost comms in imc what to do,
Lost comms altitude selection
9  cards
instrument 3 - Comprehensive
Ffs callsign is,
If in radar contact when do you m...,
During lost commo when going to a...
6  cards
Instrument 4 - Comprehensive
Rco is short for,
Gco is short for,
On an rco you speak with who
3  cards
Weather academics + review
Natural air is,
Troposphere height at equator,
Troposphere height at the poles
80  cards
Final Ep/limits test supplement
For operation with opened doors a...,
During single pilot _____ flight ...,
Door operation limitations
15  cards
ELA Chart Legend
How is a ffs location dipected on...,
How is a rco location depicted on...,
How is an unusable route segment ...
17  cards
Terrain Flight Operation (TFO)
During mission planning what shou...,
What is the primary determining f...,
When evaluating a hydrographic fe...
75  cards
Fire support
Jaat is short for,
3 types of jaat,
4 things that must be present for...
48  cards
Call for fire from helicopter
6 elements in call for fire,
The three transmissions in call f...,
When do you use adjust fire
24  cards
BWS Academics - Security (Does't cover entire test)
Are security operations offensive...,
What does security operations pro...,
What are the commanders security ...
17  cards
BWS Academics - Reconnaissance BWS Academics - Security (Does't cover entire test)
Recon operations are conducted in...,
During what phase of the mission ...,
Negative contact at an nai does n...
22  cards
BWS Academics - Air Assault Planning BWS Academics - Security (Does't cover entire test)
What is a temporary group of inte...,
What is the aviation mission duri...,
Who is responsible for the over a...
36  cards
BWS Academics - Offensive Operations BWS Academics - Security (Does't cover entire test)
What is a holding area ha,
What goes into consideration for ...,
_____ is defined as massing overw...
28  cards
BWS Academics - Air Mission Planning BWS Academics - Security (Does't cover entire test)
What is mett tc,
What is dart and what is its purpose,
What are the traditional threats ...
13  cards
Daily Questions for BWS
Td 92what are the six elements of...,
Td 92how are the six elements org...,
Td 92what are the 5 types of arti...
104  cards
Acronyms for BWS - Daytime
Selection of bp,
Selection of firing positions,
Fragmentary order
30  cards
Acronyms for BWS - Nighttime
Night flight requirements weather...,
Night use of light,
Dark adaption
14  cards
Aircrew Coordination Training
Aircrew coordination is a set of ...,
Which airline created the first a...,
_____ climate _____ pressure and ...
77  cards
Night Vision Devices
Thats the function of the cornea,
What is the iris,
Function of the iris
72  cards

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