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What are the purines,
What are the pyrimidines,
How many times does dna loop arou...
37  cards
Purine Synthesis
What type of nucleotides often ac...,
What is made first dna or rna,
Where does nitrogen come from
29  cards
Pyrimidine Synthesis
Where does ribose phosphate come ...,
What is the rate limiting step of...,
What enzyme catalyses the convers...
34  cards
Water Soluble Vitamins
B1 also known as,
B2 also known as,
B3 also known as
9  cards
Ethanol Metabolism
What drug inhibits alcohol ethano...,
What drug inhibits acetaldehyde d...,
What substance is responsible for...
7  cards
Glycogen storage diseases
0  cards
Glucose metabolism
What are the 3 monosaccharides c6...,
What are the makeup of the 3 main...,
What are examples of complex carb...
11  cards
How many carbons does glucose and...,
What is the function of nadh,
What is the first reaction in gly...
53  cards
What are some sources of glucose,
Provide examples of substances py...,
What is the cori cycle
33  cards
What are the 4 steps for glycogen...,
What enzyme causes branhced glyco...,
What enzyme breaks down unbranche...
34  cards
HMP Shunt
What are other names dor the hmp ...,
Why is it called a shunt,
What does the hmp shunt synthesise
36  cards
Fructose and Galactose
What is taken up by sglt1,
What is fructose taken up by what...,
What is the chemical formula for ...
34  cards
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase
Via what channels does pyruvate e...,
What is the enzyme which turns py...,
What is the enzyme which turns py...
46  cards
TCA Cycle
Where does the tca cycle occur,
What are the products of the tca ...,
What is citrate synthesised from
39  cards
Electron Transport Chain
What does glycolysis produce,
How many molecules of nadh are ma...,
What is produced from one acetyl ...
66  cards
Fatty acids
What 2 molecules make up a trigly...,
What are most lipids taken up as ...,
What do enterocytes convert fatty...
75  cards
Explain how fasting starvation ma...,
What do 2 molecules of acetyl coa...,
What is acetoacetyl coa converted...
24  cards
What are the 2 steps of ethanol m...,
Where does the first step of etha...,
Where does the second step of eth...
40  cards
Exercise and starvation
What does creatine phosphocreatin...,
What enzyme converts creatine to ...,
What can creatine kinase be an im...
47  cards
Inborn errors of metabolism
What disorders can cause newborn ...,
What glycogen diseases have no hy...,
What glycogen storage diseases ha...
16  cards
Amino acids
What 2 amino acids are purely ket...,
All amino acids except from one h...,
What are the 2 main basic amino a...
126  cards
What does the removal of an amino...,
Can amino acids be kept in a stor...,
What is the first step of amino a...
57  cards
B vitamins
What vitamins are water soluble,
What are common symptoms of b vit...,
What is cheilitis
65  cards
B12 and Folate
What nucleoside are both b9 and b...,
Homocysteine levels are increased...,
What enzyme converts duridine mp ...
44  cards
Fat soluble Vitamins
What are the fat soluble vitamins...,
What are micelles,
Diseases of what can cause fat ma...
85  cards
Lipid metabolism
What are the different types of l...,
What males a triglyceride,
Name the different types of lipop...
53  cards
What is actually measured when as...,
How is the ldl cholestrerol usual...,
Give the equation for the friedew...
28  cards
Lipid drugs
At what ldl level is seen as high,
Below what level of hdl is consid...,
What is a normal tg level
36  cards
DNA Replication
What 3 building blocks make up a ...,
What is removed from the deoxy ba...,
Where does dna replication begin
36  cards
DNA Mutations
What is the difference between a ...,
What is a transition mutation,
What is a transversion mutation
26  cards
DNA repair
What is depurination,
What nucleotide is most commonly ...,
What does cytidine become after d...
36  cards
DNA Transcription
What is the function of ribosomal...,
What is the function of microrna ...,
What is the function of small int...
48  cards
What do ribosomes contain,
How are ribsomes measured,
How many svedberg units are proka...
45  cards
Laboratory techniques
What are the uses of pcr,
What are the ingredients in pcr,
Describe one pcr cycle
51  cards
Cell Cycle
What are the 4 main stages of the...,
The cell cycle can also be divide...,
The cell can go into a resting ph...
38  cards
Cell structure
Where are membrane bound ribosome...,
What type of proteins do membrane...,
What type of proteins do free rib...
50  cards
What are the functions of the cyt...,
What are the 3 types of filament ...,
What are microfilaments also know...
50  cards
Connective tissue disease
What are the 3 key components of ...,
What is the basic structure of co...,
What specific amino acids are hig...
63  cards
Genetic principles
What is the difference between so...,
What are alleles,
If a gene displays genetic polymo...
39  cards
Gene Mapping
Through what process do children ...,
What is independent assortment,
What happens if alleles are close...
13  cards
What happens in the process of me...,
Name all cells involved in sperma...,
What do spermatagonium undertake ...
35  cards
Hardy-Weinberg Law
In a gene which only has 2 allele...,
What symbol demonstrates homozygo...,
What symbol represents heterozygo...
14  cards
What is pedigree,
If both parents are carriers of a...,
If the mother comes from a popula...
30  cards
What is imprinting,
When does imprinting begin,
How are genes marked by being of ...
22  cards

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