uvic law - evidence final - milward 2019

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What are the sources of evidence law,
Primary materiality,
Secondary materiality
11  cards
The Adversarial System
Describe the features of the adve...,
Where might you find a roab,
Where might a matter be re litiga...
10  cards
Burdens of Proof and Presumptions
Describe the burden of proof in c...,
What does brd mean,
Compare direct vs circumstantial ...
17  cards
Relevance and Materiality
Describe relevance,
Describe materiality,
What are the five types of prejudice
5  cards
Competence and Compellability
Distinction between competence an...,
What is a subpoena,
Competency at cl
21  cards
Examination of Witnesses
When are leading questions not al...,
What are the testimonial factors,
What are leading questions and wh...
13  cards
What does oath helping mean,
What is the collateral facts rule,
What are the exceptions to the co...
15  cards
General Principles of Hearsay
What is hearsay,
Rule against hearsay and why,
When might hearsay not be used fo...
3  cards
Hearsay Exceptions
Threshold test for hearsay except...,
What are the hearsay exceptions list,
Describe the prior inconsistent s...
16  cards
The Principled Approach to Hearsay
What is the principled approach t...,
Describe necessity in hearsay pri...,
Describe reliability in hearsay p...
10  cards
Impeaching Credibility (not covered in class)
Why cant you attack your own witn...,
Compare hostile to adverse witnesses
2  cards
Opinion Evidence
Opinion evidence exclusionary rule,
When is lay witness opinion evide...,
No opinions on
13  cards
Character Evidence
What is character evidence,
The two kinds of materiality in c...,
Good character evidence called by...
16  cards
Class Privilege, Case by Case Privilege, Public Interest Immunity
General rule re privilege,
Wigmore criteria re privilege cas...,
Distinction between class privile...
16  cards
Civil Evidence
Purpose of crim justice system,
Purposes of civil justice system,
Material issues in crim vs civil ...
18  cards
Dispensing with Proof, Corroboration, and Real Evidence
Describe formal admissions of fac...,
Describe formal admissions of fac...,
What is an agreed statement of fact
26  cards
The Charter and Criminal Investigations
S8 of charter,
What are factors in reasonable ex...,
Describe requirements for search ...
14  cards
Exclusions of Evidence under Charter
Old s 24 2 test,
To exclude under s24 2,
What are considerations under 3rd...
5  cards
Where is rts in charter,
Why is it dangerous for confessio...,
What is a prereq for pre trial rts
13  cards
Mr Big
Why are mr big confessions effective,
What is the usual process for mr big,
When are mr big confessions usual...
4  cards
Charter Provisions
5  cards

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uvic law - evidence final - milward 2019

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