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Equine Derm
Protein deficient diets can resul...,
Which cytokine s is are decreased...,
T f in the united states equine s...
288  cards
Croatia - Immunology
What cytokine s do cd4 th1 lympho...,
What cytokine s do cd4 th17 lymph...,
What cytokine s do cd4 th2 lympho...
38  cards
Croatia Autoimmunity - Bizikova
What scenarios can result in over...,
What is the major target antigen ...,
What is molecular mimicry
10  cards
Croatia - Basement Membrane
Autoimmune disease resulting from...,
T f integrins are transmembrane p...,
What are the anchoring filaments
53  cards
Basement membrane zone - Croatia
What is the function of integrins,
What are the main components of t...,
Autoimmunity against bpag2 bp180 ...
116  cards
Desmosomes - Croatia
Both darier disease and hailey ha...,
Autoantibodies against periplakin...,
Why are oral lesions not a featur...
91  cards
SAD - Ch 9 - Autoimmune
What are the cutaneous signs asso...,
What are the most common clinical...,
What is the distribution of lesio...
206  cards
Allergy textbook
T f staph can reduce the efficacy...,
What are superoxide dismutase enz...,
What do fungi cell walls contain
71  cards
SAD - Chapter 10 - Endocrine
What is the chemical name of t3,
What is the chemical name of t4,
Both t3 and t4 are derived from w...
164  cards
Croatia - Linder - Cornification
What are the three key lipids pre...,
A mutation in the nsdhl gene resu...,
What are some of the filaggrin de...
57  cards
SAD - Chapter 11 - Misc Alopecias
What are the characteristic featu...,
Most common breeds affected by ca...,
Histopathologic features of canin...
19  cards
SAD - Chapter 12 - Congenital Keratinization Defects
An autosomal dominant mutation in...,
T f animals with follicular parak...,
What are the clinical features of...
64  cards
SAD - Chapter 13 - Pigmentary Abnormalities
Black and brown pigments are deri...,
Yellow and red pigments are deriv...,
T f both hair and epidermal melan...
40  cards
SAD - Chapter 14 - Keratinization Defects
Is selenium sulfide keratolytic o...,
Adverse effects of benzoyl peroxide,
39  cards
SAD - Chapter 15 - Psychogenic
How can stress contribute to incr...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
Which tricyclic antidepressants t...
18  cards
SAD - Chapter 16 - Environmental Skin Dz
Which is more erythemogenic uva o...,
Which penetrates deeper into the ...,
What are natural barriers to uv l...
43  cards
SAD - Chapter 17 - Nutritional Skin Dz
Aromatic amino acids that influen...,
Essential polyunsaturated fatty a...,
Where are the double bonds locate...
81  cards
WCVD 2020 - Diseases of Keratinization
X linked hypohidrotic ectodermal ...,
Histopathologic features of hered...,
Ddx for canine acne
44  cards
Viral Diseases - Syke's
What antiviral drugs are used to ...,
T f antiviral drugs can act syner...,
Why do antiviral drugs have great...
81  cards
Ears - NAVDF 2019
T f there is no subcutaneous tiss...,
What are the two cartilage compon...,
What is the external acoustic meatus
17  cards
Syke's infectious diseases - bacterial
What specie s of tick s transmit ...,
What specie s of tick s transmit ...,
What infectious organism s does r...
106  cards
Fungal diseases
What dog breed has a higher frequ...,
What type of immunity is required...,
What is the most common dermatoph...
303  cards
Miscellaneous Infections
T f dogs do not produce toxoplasm...,
What does the serologic assay det...,
What is a potential complication ...
57  cards
Causative agent of psoroptic mang...,
Treatment options for cheyletiella,
How is pelodera dermatitis diagnosed
220  cards
What is the most common cutaneous...,
Transmission of myxomatosis,
Cutaneous lymphoma has been repor...
76  cards
Large Animal Infectious Diseases
What are the three primary presen...,
Appearance of dermatophilosis on ...,
What disease is caused by swine p...
46  cards
Structure and Function - hair follicles
What effect does substance p have...,
What effect does acth have on the...,
What is the permanent portion of ...
165  cards
What cells can have giant granule...,
Which are red yellow in color eum...,
T f homozygous mutation in psmb7 ...
93  cards
Wound Healing
T f during normal homeostasis hai...,
What is a foam dressing,
What is the function of granulocy...
102  cards
Epidermal Barrier
What is a cysteine rich highly fl...,
What are the components of the la...,
What protease is required for fil...
27  cards
Immune Function
What function does mhc 1 have on ...,
How can nk cells trigger apoptosis,
What are the 3 types of pamp path...
72  cards
What is the only heritable cancer...,
What is the pathomechanism of pos...,
What portion of the uv spectrum i...
48  cards
Endocrinology - NAVDF 2021
T f most cases of canine hypothry...,
T f lymphocytic thyroiditis is a ...,
What breeds are at increased risk...
72  cards
Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus
What are the main histological fi...,
What is an interface dermatitis,
What diseases in dogs are charact...
41  cards
Linder Keratins
What are the three main filamento...,
Microfilaments are composed of wh...,
Microtubules are composed of what...
11  cards
WCVD Lloyd lectures
What are the three species that c...,
What technique s for bacterial id...,
T f sequencing of 16s ribosomal r...
49  cards
Random - pruritus, structure function, psychoneuroderm
What substances work as pruritoge...,
Release of histamine from mast ce...,
Release of histamine from mast ce...
127  cards
MISC Autoimmune
What is the cell of origin of can...,
What are the cell markers for lan...,
T f langerhans cell disorders hav...
80  cards
WCVD Papich lectures
Fluoroquinolones should not be mi...,
Decreasing the stomach acidity in...,
Decreasing the stomach acidity en...
39  cards
Pharmacology - Antibiotics
Bacteriostatic or bactericidal be...,
Mechanism of action beta lactams,
Why do different beta lactam anti...
124  cards
Pharmacology - Antifungals
Why is antifungal drug treatment ...,
Mechanism of action of azole anti...,
Mechanism of action echinocandins
86  cards
Ch 1 Structure and Function
Fetal skin contains a larger perc...,
What is different about where app...,
T f at birth the majority of hair...
54  cards
Pharmacology - Immunomodulatory agents
What are the major metabolic effe...,
How do glucocorticoids cause an i...,
What effect do glucocorticoids ha...
117  cards
Diagnostic Methods and DermPath
Special stain s that highlight co...,
Special stain s that highlight el...,
Special stain s that highlight me...
42  cards

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