veterinary bacteriology & mycology

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Bacterial Taxonomy & Morphology
What are the 3 types of pathogens...,
What is the general rule of thumb...,
What are the 3 kingdoms of taxono...
25  cards
Bacterial Physiology
What are the biodegradative pathw...,
What are the main 2 ways that bac...,
How does anaerobic respiration pr...
17  cards
Bacterial Identification
Bacterial streak plate technique,
What does it mean if a medium is ...,
What does it mean to inoculate an...
17  cards
Bacterial Decontamination, Sterilization & Disinfection
What is the difference between de...,
Why is mycobacteria so resistant ...,
How does moist heat work as a dis...
27  cards
Bacterial Gene Transfer & Plasmids
What is transformation a transfor...,
What is homologous recombination,
What are transformasomes transfec...
19  cards
Vaccines & Diagnostic Technology
What are live vaccines killed vac...,
Why should we be cautious with li...,
What are 3 reasons why killed vac...
23  cards
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
What are the 3 major purposes of ...,
How do amr bacteria spread to an ...,
How do bacteria switch from plank...
33  cards
What are the 6 major characterist...,
What 4 gram positive bacteria are...
44  cards
What are 6 major characteristics ...,
What does it mean that streptococ...,
What are the 2 major medias used ...
32  cards
What was enterococcus assumed to ...,
How do enterococci look under the...,
How does enterococci respond to c...
23  cards
What are the 2 major species of l...,
What are the 2 major species of l...,
How does listeria stain what morp...
36  cards
What are the 2 species of erysipe...,
What are the 2 major morphologica...,
What do the filaments of
31  cards
What are the 3 species of bacillu...,
How does bacillus stain what is t...,
What respiration does bacillus un...
22  cards
What are the main 2 morphological...,
What s unique about clostridium c...,
What kind of respiration does clo...
59  cards
Histotoxic & Enteropathogenic Clostridia
How do histotoxic clostridia caus...,
Where are histotoxic clostridia e...,
How is egg yolk agar used as a di...
52  cards
What are the major morphological ...,
How do nocardia actinomyces derma...,
What is the predilection site of ...
78  cards
What are 4 major characteristics ...,
What are the major 2 groups of en...,
How do the members of the ceek an...
19  cards
Salmonella shares all characteris...,
What 2 species of salmonella are ...,
What are the 2 media widely used ...
39  cards
What 3 species of yersinia are of...,
What is the overall structure of ...,
What 2 structures characteristic ...
34  cards
What 3 proteus species are of vet...,
What fermentation does proteus un...,
What causes the characteristic sw...
20  cards
Coliforms & Klebsiella
What genera make up coliforms,
How do all coliforms grow on macc...,
What are the main 4 sites of colo...
21  cards
Enterobacter & Citrobacter
What are the 2 enterobacter speci...,
What are the 3 major characterist...,
What 2 culture media are best for...
24  cards
What is the structure of escheric...,
How does e coli response to oxida...,
What is e coli s most common habi...
43  cards
Edwardsiella, Aeromonas, Plesiomonas & Vibrio
Edwardsiella aeromonas plesiomona...,
What is edwardsiella tarda is it ...,
What kind of pathogen is edwardsi...
48  cards
Pseudomonas & Burkholderia
What species of pseudomonas and b...,
What is pseudomonas aeruginosa,
What is commonly associated with ...
36  cards
Bartonella, Steptobacillus, Chromobacterium, Ornithobacterium & Riemerella
What is bartonella is it motile w...,
What kind of pathogen is it when ...,
How is bartonella transmitted
45  cards
What 3 genera make up the family ...,
When is pasteurellaceae infection...,
What is the structure of haemophi...
46  cards
What kind of bacteria are actinob...,
What are 2 characteristics of act...,
What are the 4 major species of a...
38  cards
Pasteurella & Mannheimia
What are the 2 main structural ch...,
Where do all pasteurella colonize...,
How does pasteurella multocida gr...
63  cards
What are the 2 significant specie...,
What are 3 major aspects of borde...,
What fermentation does bordetella...
35  cards
Moraxella & Francisella
What is unique about moraxella bo...,
What respiration and fermentation...,
What infection does moraxella bov...
36  cards
What are 4 major aspect,
What type of pathogen is brucella...,
Why is brucella divided into nome...
54  cards
Bacteroides, Prevotella, & Porphyromonas
What are the 3 major characterist...,
What are the most common spore fo...,
Why is oxygen toxic to obligate a...
41  cards
Fusobacterium & Dichelobacter
What is fusobacterium how does it...,
What unique substance does fusoba...,
What 3 species of fusobacterium a...
50  cards
Campylobacter, Helicobacter, & Arcobacter
Where do campylobacter helicobact...,
What are the 3 main phenotypic ch...,
Is campylobacter hemolytic what a...
56  cards
Obligate Intracellular Pathogen Intro & Chlamydia
What are the 3 smallest groups of...,
What kind of pathogens are chlamy...,
What are the 3 major reasons that
35  cards
How does the presence of lps and ...,
Since anaplasma and ehrlichia lac...,
What are the 2 morphotypes of ana...
42  cards
Coxiella burnetii
What does coxiella burnetii cause,
What are 4 reasons that coxiella ...,
What kind of bacteria is coxiella...
28  cards
What is another nickname for myco...,
What shape does mycoplasma take h...,
What are the 3 functions of the e...
46  cards
What 4 genera of spirochetales ar...,
What are the 3 major structural c...,
How do spirochetales divide what ...
58  cards
What is the structure of leptospira,
What respiration and fermentation...,
What 2 things are required to cul...
34  cards
Mycology: Introduction
What are fungi,
What are the 2 forms fungi take b...,
What are mitosporic fungi in what...
25  cards
How do molds and yeasts compare,
What 3 yeasts are of highest impo...,
What lesions is cryptococcus neof...
33  cards
What are dermatophytes what are t...,
What state do dermatophytes take ...,
What asexual reproductive units a...
34  cards
Subcutaneous Mycoses
What are subcutaneous mycoses wha...,
What is sporothrix schenkii,
How are cats affected by sporothr...
53  cards
Systemic Mycoses
What 4 genera of,
How is systemic mycoses transmitt...,
How do systemic mycoses lesions t...
53  cards
Practical Diagnostic Applications in Veterinary Microbiology
How big should tissue block speci...,
How are exudates collected how ar...,
How should all tissues organs and...
52  cards

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