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Endocrine System
Endocrine system is a collection of,
What does the endocrine system pr...,
What is the control centre of the...
33  cards
Endocrine Disorders
What species is most commonly aff...,
What is hypothyroidism,
Signs of hypothyroid
33  cards
Reproductive System
Species that are spontaneous ovul...,
Bitches are,
22  cards
Gestation period of the bitch,
Gestation period of the queen,
Gestation period of the guinea pig
24  cards
Management of Neonates
What is classed as the neonatal p...,
How soon after birth should a new...,
What is the temperature of a neon...
12  cards
Musculoskeletal System
Smooth muscle,
Cardiac muscle,
Cardiac muscle
22  cards
Nervous System
Central nervous system consists of,
Peripheral nervous system consist...,
6  cards
Anterior pituitary gland produces,
Posterior pituitary gland,
What does the thyroid produce
24  cards
Congenital Heart Conditions
What is pulmonic stenosis,
What is aortic stenosis,
What is patent ductus arteriosus
7  cards
Acquired Heart Disease
What is endocardiosis,
What is endocarditis,
What is myocarditis
7  cards
The Heart
What causes left sided heart failure,
Clinical signs of left sided hear...,
6  cards
What is the vmd,
44  cards
Pharmaceutical Groups
Dissociative anaesthetics,
Example of dissociative anaesthesia,
Local anaesthesia
29  cards
I is,
How long are written prescription...,
What should meds for external app...
32  cards
Administering Medications
Subcutaneous administration,
Intramuscular administration,
Limit to amount of mls im for dog
5  cards
Digestive System
63  cards
Which organisation is responsible...,
The veterinary medicines director...,
Only the vmd have the authority t...
76  cards
Kidneys and The Nephrons
Outer part of kidney,
Inner part of kidney,
Artery that supplies kidney
30  cards
Urinary System
What is the main structure of the...,
What are the three main functions...,
What does the endocrine gland do
24  cards
Immune System
Physical barriers,
Innate immunity,
Acquired immunity
31  cards
Monitoring Parameters
Pulse ox measures,
Pqrst wave
11  cards
Vaccination Protocols
Live vaccines,
Inactive vaccines,
Subunit vaccines
19  cards
4 pairs of legs,
3 pairs of legs,
Three part body
32  cards
Do vitamins provide energy,
Do minerals provide energy,
Do carbs provide energy
19  cards
0  cards
Musculoskeletal System
17  cards
Bandage Dressings
First layer of bandaging,
Second layer of bandaging,
Tertiary layer of bandaging
7  cards
VN03 Weekly Quizzes
Which one of the following diseas...,
A non pruritic alopecia is most l...,
In the angiostrongylus vasorum li...
75  cards
VN03 Revision Notes Questions
Median plane,
Rosr tral,
116  cards
A+P Revision WorkBook Qs
Inorganic components,
Organic components,
40  cards
20  cards

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