vitamins & minerals - cns exam & ub comp exam

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Vitamins RDA & UL
Vitamin d rda,
Vitamin d ul,
Vitamin a rda
32  cards
Minerals RDA & UL
Calcium rda,
Calcium ul,
Chromium ai
32  cards
Vitamin & Mineral Source
Vitamin c ascorbic acid,
Vitamin b1 thiamine,
Vitamin b2 riboflavin
30  cards
Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency
Vitamin c ascorbic acid,
Vitamin b1 thiamine,
Vitamin b2 riboflavin
29  cards
Vitamin & Mineral Toxicity
Vitamin c ascorbic acid,
Vitamin b1 thiamine,
Vitamin b2 riboflavin
29  cards
Drug & Nutrient Interactions
1 1 5 is an example of a the addi...,
If a b b then this is an example ...,
If someone needs to take more of ...
41  cards
Digestion & Nutrient Absorption
Which of the following is a funct...,
Which of the following sugars are...,
Which of the following enzymes ar...
50  cards
Vitamin & Mineral Functions
Vitamin c ascorbic acid,
Vitamin b1 thiamine,
Vitamin b2 riboflavin
31  cards
Macronutrient Intakes
Fiber ai,
Protein rda
6  cards
Nutritional Assessment
This is additional information th...,
Assessing the eyes ears nose and ...,
This is a current health concern ...
59  cards
Nutrition Related Physiology
Amylase and pepsin have what in c...,
Maximum hydrochloric acid and pep...,
Which of the following is not a f...
30  cards
Fundamental Principles of Nutrition COPY
This eating disorder is character...,
This eating disorder can damage t...,
Arthritic exercise a emphasizes m...
58  cards
Metabolism of Nutrients
Metabolism involves a only the pr...,
Which best describes catabolism a...,
Which would not you associate wit...
55  cards
Energy Balance
Which of the following is not a w...,
Which of the following terms is u...,
What are the three energy yieldin...
61  cards
Alpha linolenic acid ala,
Eicosapentaenoic acid epa,
Docosahexaenoic acid dha
9  cards
Amino Acids
Phenylalanineessential or nonesse...,
Valineessential or nonessential,
Threonineessential or nonessential
20  cards
Structure Identification
Identify the molecular structure of vitamin coenzymes
13  cards

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