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Ancient India
Did everyone like the anno domini,
A primary source is,
Examples of a primary source
21  cards
Ancient Chinese History
The mandate of heaven is,
People supported the idea that,
Ancient china had a series of
14  cards
The Romans
The republic had,
Dictator could rule for
29  cards
The Mayans
The people were,
Mayan cities had what kind of str...,
They created what
15  cards
The Aztec
Where were they living before moving,
Where did they move to,
What was the sign that gods suppo...
21  cards
What were they famous for,
Describe the temple of the sun,
It was important to transport mes...
14  cards
Where did buddhism originate,
What is another name for siddhart...,
Buddha was born into wealth what ...
10  cards
What is judaism,
Name three ethnic groups,
What 2 religions were born out of...
10  cards
What was jesus for all people,
Name 4 people who wrote about jes...,
What was written in 95 ce
10  cards
Need to know!
Where did buddhism originate,
What was the first monotheistic r...,
What religion did christianity co...
15  cards
Is arab a religion,
Does islam have a savior,
Who is muhammad
15  cards
The Rise of Islamic Empires
Why was their a disagreement amon...,
Muhammed died and what was the di...,
What did the shia shiite believe ...
16  cards
Ottoman & Safavid Empires
What were the gunpowder empires,
Who had cannons and muskets,
What language did ottomans speak
27  cards
The Byzantine Empire
What portion of the roman empire ...,
What was most of the byzantines c...,
What influenced byzantine
11  cards
Early Russian History
Who were the slavs,
Byzantine sent who to interact wi...,
When did vikings emerge
20  cards
African History
What are 3 reasons that we know t...,
What are griots,
Where did the bantu people live
16  cards
Golden Age Of China
How did the golden age of china s...,
What was their dynasty called,
Li s father stepped down making h...
14  cards
What century is 612
78  cards
Dark Ages
What caused the dark ages,
How long did it last,
Who were well educated
20  cards
The late middle ages ; Dark Ages
What were the 4 factors that ende...,
What is magna carta,
Who were the crusade battles between
22  cards
The Mongols
Who was the leader of the mongols,
If you tried to go against the mo...,
List a few war tactics
19  cards
The Renaissance
How did the renaissance benefit e...,
What things did the renaissance c...,
Where did the renaissance start
14  cards
Protestant Reformation
What are some problems in the cat...,
The catholic church wasnt concern...,
What were some people supposed to...
14  cards
Scientific revolution,
Who is copernicus,
What did the catholic church teac...
22  cards
Conquest Of The Aztecs
What figure was believed to take ...,
What people were enslaved by aztecs,
Who is hernando cortez
21  cards
Who is francisco pizzaro,
Who was the incan leader,
Does ata whalpa killl spainards
8  cards
Age of Exploration 3
What places made up the old world,
What makes up the new world,
What is the columbian exchange
29  cards
European Expansion and India and SE Asia
Who was the leader of the mughal ...,
List 3 things that akbar did to b...,
Did the benefits that akbar start...
14  cards
Who used feudalism,
Why did europe use feudalism,
What were the crusades
64  cards
How does geography influence russia,
Who is ivan the great,
What does ivan refer to as
7  cards
The Enlightment
When was the enlightment,
What was solved during the enligh...,
What is censorship
9  cards
The American Revolution
Who was king george,
What was the war the 7 colonies f...,
What event affected and started f...
15  cards
French Revolution
What was the social order during ...,
What was the first estate of the ...,
What was the second estate for th...
20  cards
The French Revolution Part 2
Which countries were at war with ...,
Which estate accused the king and...,
By who was the monarchy abolished
11  cards
Industrial Revolution
What was life like in europe befo...,
What did the agricultural revolut...,
Step 1 for agricultural revolution
29  cards
Industrial Revolution 2
What did adam smith write,
Laissez faire is what,
What is free market
13  cards
Nation Building : Germany
What language did people speak in...,
Who created the german confederation,
What group was formed after napol...
19  cards
Russia: Reform and Reaction
Reformers hoped to free russia fr...,
What are tsars,
What happened to reformers that t...
13  cards
What is imperialism,
Who were western nations,
What are the imperialist nations
12  cards
Imperialism in Africa
What is european imperialism,
What is factor 1 of imperialism i...,
How big is africa
17  cards
Imperialism (Europeans, Islam, Hindu, Ottoman)
Who called themself the savior of...,
What was the ottoman empire known as
2  cards
Imperialism in China and Japan
What is the opium war,
Who won the opium war how,
Rebellion to remove backward qing...
10  cards
TEST REVIEW (most recent)
Who created the german confederat...,
Chancellor of prussia,
Which german war lasted 7 weeks
29  cards
idk what to title
Give an example of a german war plan,
How long did germany think russia...,
What was the armor clothing of fr...
11  cards
World war 1 day 3
Which war tactic required a form ...,
Which british invention emerged d...,
What was the downside of tanks th...
8  cards
The intermission
What is oligarchy,
What event leads to change in mexico,
What 4 points lead to a change in...
6  cards
The great depression
What is the stock market
1  cards
Great depression 2
Why was europe extra affected,
What did the economical collapse ...,
Dictator in germany that emerged
19  cards
Great depression 3
Who were most commonly hobos,
What is the difference of hobos a...,
How did hobos communicate
10  cards
Great depression 4
Who was the president during the ...,
Was president hoover a democrat o...,
What is rugged individualism
13  cards
Pre- WW2
What is total war,
What 3 factors caused fascism in ...,
Who was japan ruled by
18  cards
What is nationalism,
Why were alliances formed,
Who did germany form alliances wi...
55  cards
What were conditions like during ...,
What was life like working in fac...,
What were the affects from the in...
42  cards

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