xcel life insurance

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chapter one
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chapter two
There are two parties to an insur...,
He following four essential eleme...,
When an offer is answered by a co...
26  cards
Chapter two quiz questions
Insurance policies are considered...,
A contract where one party either...,
What is the consideration given b...
25  cards
chapter 3 types of insurance policies
Issues very small face amounts su...,
Is life insurance of commercial c...,
Is insurance written for members ...
38  cards
chapter 3 types of Life policies-quiz questions
A ______ term life policy is norm...,
K age 45 and his wife age 43 have...,
The combination of whole life and...
39  cards
chapter 3 policy provision, options and riders
Absolute assignment is a policy a...,
Pays an additional sum to the ben...,
Allows the insured to receive a p...
33  cards
chapter 3-life provisions quiz
L takes out a life insurance poli...,
D is the policy owner and insured...,
M has an insurance policy that al...
46  cards
chapter 4 life insurance premiums, proceeds and beneficiaries
Primary factors in premium calcul...,
A measure of the number of deaths...,
Insurance companies invest the pr...
47  cards
chapter 4 quiz- life insurance premiums proceeds and beneficiaries
Which of the following best descr...,
P and,
Which settlement option pays a st...
27  cards
chapter 5 quiz life insurance underwriting and policy issue
T is given a receipt after comple...,
A life insurance application mush...,
On august 6 d submitted an applic...
18  cards
insurance live class deck
Most companies stop writing polic...,
The ability to change existing te...,
Cash value will equal face amount...
116  cards
chapter 6 group life insurance
0  cards
chapter 6 group life insurance quiz
A noncontributory group term life...,
If its employees share in the cos...,
If a corporation pays the premium...
12  cards
chapter 7 annuities
The 403 b plan is a retirement pl...,
Applies to annuities if an annuit...,
When the premiums an annuitant pa...
21  cards
chapter 7 annuities quiz
A variable annuity has which of t...,
A contract owner terminates an an...,
What is the basic function of an ...
13  cards
chapter 8 social security
Was created to provide for united...,
In regards to social security is ...,
Is the period following the death...
13  cards
chapter 8 social security quiz
The amount of monthly disability ...,
Which of these is not a source of...,
What is old age and survivors hea...
9  cards
chapter 9 retirement plans
Is a retirement savings plan spon...,
Is a retirement plan for certain ...,
Are pension plans under which a s...
19  cards
chapter 9 Retirement plans quiz
An employer that offers a qualifi...,
An employer that offers a qualifi...,
A sole proprietor may use this pl...
21  cards
chapter 10 uses of life insurance
Are agreements that provide that ...,
Are agreements in which a busines...,
Is an individual s economic worth...
13  cards
chapter 10 uses of life insurance quiz
Two partners own equal shares in ...,
C is a key employee at abc incorp...,
When an individual is planning to...
5  cards
chapter 11 intro to health and accident insurance
Is a general way of describing in...,
Is a form of insurance that insur...,
Pays benefits for nonsurgical doc...
55  cards
chapter 11 quiz
Which of these circumstances is a...,
S is employed by a large corporat...,
J has an accidental death and dis...
34  cards
chapter 12 health insurance providers
0  cards
chapter 12 healther insurance providers quiz
Which of the following types of o...,
A 66 year old is covered under a ...,
Which type of provider is known f...
20  cards
chapter 13 medical expense insurance
Which of the following costs woul...,
A major medical policy typically,
Basic hospital and surgical polic...
27  cards
chapter 14 disability income insurance quiz
In a disability income policy whi...,
Bryce purchased a disability inco...,
V is insured under an individual ...
15  cards
chapter 15 private insurance quiz
Which of the following will a lon...,
What is a minimum number of activ...,
Medicare part b does not cover
11  cards
chapter 16 health insurance policy provision quiz
The insuring clause,
Which of the following is not inc...,
Which of the following health ins...
32  cards
chapter 17 health insurance underwriting
Pre hospitalization authorization...,
Which type of plan normally inclu...,
Information obtained from a phone...
15  cards
chapter 18 texas laws and rules pertinent to insurance
In texas an individual life insur...,
An employee is covered under a co...,
Which of the following is a valid...
43  cards
prepare to pass
B s policy provides coverage on a...,
Every 12 months after the initial...,
The insuring clause specifies the...
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