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1 - Care of the Surgical Patient
What is the circulating blood vol...,
What molecules contribute to the ...,
What are some facotrs that can in...
123  cards
2 - General and T&O Imaging
What are the different types of i...,
How should you present any x ray,
How sh
72  cards
3 - GI Presentations
What organs cause abdominal pain ...,
What is an acute abdomen and how ...,
What are some causes of acute abd...
100  cards
4 - Upper GI
What are the presenting features ...,
What are some red flag features,
What are some risk factors for gord
92  cards
5 - Hepatobiliary
What is a splenic infarct,
How do haemtological diseases cau...
122  cards
6 - Lower GI
What are the different classifica...,
What are some risk factors for an...,
What are the clinical features of...
126  cards
7 - Anorectal
What are haemorrhoids,
What are some risk factors for ha...,
What are the clinical features of...
40  cards
8 - Breast
How do you do a breast examination,
What is the breast triple assessment,
Why is there two types of imaging...
68  cards
9 - KUB
What is the aetiology of luts in ...,
How can luts be categorised,
What are
77  cards
10 - Prostate and Genital Tract
Dont forget scrotal lumps,
What investigations should be car...,
What are some differential diagno...
82  cards
11 - T&O General Principles
What would be the underlying path...,
What is the pathophysiology of oa,
How does oa present and what are ...
67  cards
12 - T&O Spine, Hip and Thigh
What are the different types of f...,
Mortality blood supply,
What is the blood supply to the f...
89  cards
13 - T&O Knee and Leg
What are some risk factors for kn...,
How does knee oa present and what...,
What are some investigations you ...
42  cards
14 - T&O Ankle and Foot
What is the definition of an ankl...,
What is the ankle syndesmosis,
How are ankle fractures classified
53  cards
15 - T&O Shoulder and Arm
Rotator cuff tear,
What is the pathophysiology and s...,
How do rotator cuff tears present
57  cards
16 - T&O Elbow and Forearm
What is a supracondylar fracture ...,
How does a supracondylar fracture...,
What are some differential diagno...
39  cards
17 - T&O Wrist and Hand
What is the pathophysiology of di...,
What are the different classifica...,
What are the risk factors for a d...
44  cards
18 - Peripheral and Arterial Vascular Disease
What are the three conditions in ...,
If a patient presents with an acu...,
What are the symptoms of acute li...
116  cards
19 - Vascular
What are some examples of periphe...,
What is intermittent claudication...,
What are some risk factors for pe...
64  cards
20 - Perioperative Care
What is the pre operative assessment,
How do you take a preop history,
What are the different asa grades
102  cards
21 - Perioperative Care 2
What is the definition of an aki ...,
What are some of the causes of an...,
How can you investigate an aki
86  cards

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