year 2 lcrs anatomy limbs

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How do you test the function of the,
How would you test the function o...,
How would you test the function o...
44  cards
OSPE: Movement of the Shoulder
What are the possible movements i...,
Which muscles are involved in,
What is the prime mover in extens...
17  cards
OSPE: Movement of the Forearm and Wrist
What are the main muscles involve...,
What are the main muslces involve...,
What are the main muscles involve...
16  cards
How would you test the gluteal mu...,
What is the trendelberg test,
How woul you test the force of th...
33  cards
1: Bone
What are the main functions of th...,
What are the two mechanical prope...,
What is the structure of immature...
29  cards
2: Shoulder
What is the shoulder,
74  cards
Anatomical terms of movement
What is flexion,
What is extension,
What is adduction
15  cards
3: Forearm and wrist
Lateral supracondylar ridge of hu...,
61  cards
4: Hand
What is the palmar fascia,
What is the,
What is the fibrous digital sheat...
40  cards
5: Brachial Plexus+ Nerves in the upper limb
Explain the origin of the axilla ...,
Which muscles does the axilla ner...,
Which area of the skin gets its s...
54  cards
5: Blood Supply upper Limb
Summarise the route for the arter...,
Where is the brachial artery in t...,
What happens to the brachial arte...
14  cards
6: Hip Buttock, Thigh
What are the two m,
60  cards
7: Lower Leg and Foot
How do you call the on the anteio...,
Medial and lateral condyle of femur,
Which side of the femur is this
57  cards
Nerves + Vessels LL
Which spinal nerves make out the ...,
How many pairs of spinal nerves a...,
Where do autonomic fibres fom the...
48  cards
All of Anatomy Limbs
How do you test the function of the,
How would you test the function o...
567  cards

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year 2 lcrs anatomy limbs

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