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OSCE emergencies (Cancer care)
Presentation of bowel obstruction,
Investigations for bowel obstruction,
Management of bo
42  cards
OSCE emergencies (Blood transfusion)
Massive haemorrhage protocol,
Initial investigations for transf...,
Presentation of acute haemolytic ...
20  cards
OSCE emergencies (Neuro and special senses)
Meningitis presentation,
Investigations for meningitis,
Lumbar puncture
37  cards
OSCE emergencies (Obs and Gynae)
Key emergencies in obs and gynae,
Prelabour rupture of membranes,
Preterm prelabour rupture of memb...
48  cards
OSCE emergencies (Obs and Gynae) 2/2
Placenta praevia,
Risks of placenta praevia,
The risk factors for placenta pra...
74  cards
OSCE emergencies (Paediatrics)
Resuscitation fluids for children,
Managment of hypoglycaemia,
Investigations for overdose
69  cards
OSCE emergencies (Psychiatry)
First generation antipsychotics a...,
Second gen antipsychotics side ef...,
Rf for nms
28  cards
Year 4 Infectious diseases/ Dermatology
What is this,
Tinea capitis summary,
What is this
60  cards
Intermediate life support
Reversible causes of cardiac arre...,
5 hs,
38  cards
High Yield ENT
A 22 year old presents to the gp ...,
Causes of epistaxis,
Blood supply to the nose
68  cards
High Yield Paediatrics
A woman brings her 18 month year ...,
Croup presentation,
Croup is caused by
57  cards
High Yield Paediatrics (2/2)
You are asked by a midwife to see...,
Neonatal jaundice,
Causes of pathological jaundice 24h
27  cards
General mix
How to remember nms,
Missing one pill less than 72 hou...,
Missing more than one pill more t...
155  cards
High Yield Psychiatry
A 19 year old female visits her g...,
A 19 year old female visits her g...,
Mild mod severe depression
35  cards
Derm, Ophthal, Ear picture quiz
A 55 year old woman has a 6 week ...,
Investigations for venous ulcers,
Management of venous ulcers
52  cards
Tympanic membrane picture quiz
How to tell if ear is left or right,
Which ear,
Which ear
30  cards
Fundoscopy picture quiz
How to tell which eye you are loo...,
40  cards
Neuro and opthal OSCE examination
Full assessment of eye,
Visual acuity testing uses,
Visual acuity
21  cards
Bacterial tonsilitis,
Neisseria gonorrhea
22  cards
Last minute useful
A 45 year old man presents with d...,
You review a 24 year old woman in...,
Screening test for cf
41  cards
Last mi
Role of azetazolamide,
Role of timolol,
Role of pilocarpine
8  cards

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