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History - Revolutions 🗽
What is the definition of a revol...,
What are the two models of revolu...,
What does the thermodynamic model...
33  cards
History - French Revolution 🍟
When the american revolution was ...,
In france why was there so much d...,
How did france get into financial...
76  cards
History - Haitian Revolution ✊🏿
What is the island of hispaniola ...,
Who were the first inhabitants of...,
Who arrived at haiti in 1494
48  cards
History - Russian Revolution 👨🏻🤛
Why was russia behind the rest of...,
Who were the tsars,
Who were serfs
67  cards
History - Old Imperialism 🏰
What is the definition of imperia...,
What are the two types of imperia...,
When did old imperialism take place
74  cards
History - New Imperialism [DISCONTINUED FOR NOW] 🌆
What was the revolution that led ...,
When did new imperialism start,
When did new imperialism end
40  cards
History - WWI 🔫
When did wwi start,
When did wwi end,
What were the two main military a...
164  cards
Geography - Rocks 🌑
What is a rock,
What is a mineral,
What are the 3 different types of...
32  cards
Geography - Earthquakes and Volcanoes 🌋
What are the 4 layers of the earth,
What is the thinnest layer of the...,
How thick is the crust
66  cards
Geography - Development 🏢📈
Define development,
What is the general relation betw...,
What are developed countries
135  cards
Geography - The middle east 🧭
What is the middle east,
How did the middle east get its name,
How many countries are in the mid...
85  cards
Computer Science - Representing data in a computer + databases 📀
How is data stored,
Bit patterns can represent differ...,
Computers store and manipulate da...
27  cards
Computer Science - Representing Characters and Images in a computer + graphics 💻
What is a character set,
What are the two main internation...,
What does ascii stand for
42  cards
Computer Science - Algorithms 👩‍💻
What is an algorithm,
In computer terms what is an algo...,
What are the main stages of solvi...
95  cards
Computer Science - Networks 🔌
What is a network,
What are some examples of resourc...,
What is the advantage of being ab...
69  cards
Physics - SI units 📏
totally not maths
26  cards
Physics - Measuring length and volume 📐
What are the two devices we learn...,
What is the smallest measurement ...,
What are the 3 different measurem...
17  cards
Biology - Plant Reproduction🌱
What is reproduction,
What are the two types of reprodu...,
What are the characteristics of a...
87  cards
Biology - Human Reproduction 🙎🏽‍♂️
What are primary sexual character...,
What are some examples of primary...,
What are some examples of primary...
91  cards
Biology - Living things in their environment 🌳
What is an adaptation,
What are the 3 types of adaptations,
What is a behavioral adaptation
140  cards
French- Unit 5 5️⃣
By Himayath!
47  cards
Maths - Theoretical Questions ➕❔
By Himayath
31  cards
Chemistry mini-deck - Polyatomic Ions 🔭
Formula for ammonium,
Formula for hydroxide,
Formula for carbonate
12  cards

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