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English - What to include in Narrative (Imaginative), Descriptive, and Transactional Writing (Persuasive Writing) and identify in Language and Literature texts
Semi colon,
Exclamation mark
21  cards
Science - Term 1
1  cards
Science - Cycle Test Term 1
What does magnification mean,
What is a specimen,
What does resolution mean
129  cards
Science - Term 1 + 1st half
What are living organisms made of,
What are cells,
What is a unicellular organism
160  cards
Science - Term 1 + 2nd half
Pestle and morter,
Conical flask,
Filter paper
58  cards
Biology Term 1
What is the cell cycle,
State the three stages of the cel...,
What is the interphase
146  cards
Chemistry Term 1
What are the three ideas in john ...,
What discovery caused the origina...,
How did j j thomson discover the ...
130  cards
Physics Term 1 + Term 2
What is a scalar quantity,
What is a vector quantity,
How can a vector quantity be repr...
30  cards
Science - Term 2 + 2nd half
Chemical energy,
Kinetic energy,
Thermal energy
142  cards
History Term 1
Why did france go to war with pru...,
What did prussia s victory in the...,
When was the franco prussian war
16  cards
History - Term 1 +1st half
18th june 1914,
23rd july 1914,
29th july 1914
30  cards
History - Cycle Test 1 Term 1
What does mobilise mean,
What is a kiaser,
What does a great power mean
60  cards
Geography Term 1
Conservative plate margin,
Constructive plate margin,
Continental crust
112  cards
Geography - Cycle Test Term 1
What are the features of a develo...,
What are the features of a under ...,
What is development in geography
51  cards
Geography - Folding and faulting
What are the main types of folds,
53  cards
Geography - Cycle Test Term 1 - 2nd half
Why is the world uneavenly developed,
Bottom up developement,
61  cards
Geography - Earthquake
Fault line,
18  cards
Geography - Term 2 + 2nd half
Examples of weather
67  cards
Geography - Energy
What are the 3 types of energy,
Examples of recyclable energy
75  cards
D abord,
714  cards
French - Basic vocabulary
De temps en temps,
One time per week
96  cards
French - Cycle Test 1
I post messages,
I update my like,
I invite my friends
215  cards
French - Cycle Test 2
La bouce,
Le bras,
Le corps
104  cards
Computing Term 1
What are the common internal comp...,
What does cpu stand for,
What does the cpu do
28  cards
Computing - Term 1 Cycle Test
What is an imput device,
What is an output device,
What is a storage device
25  cards
Computing - Term 1 2nd half - Cycle Test Revision
What is ram stand for,
What does rom stand for,
What does ram do
40  cards
English - Vocab
1  cards

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