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Religious Language One
Truth claim,
Apophatic way
91  cards
Gender and Society
Gender biology,
Gender identification,
Gender expression
71  cards
Gender and Society A02
Official christian teaching shoul...,
Official christian teaching shoul...,
Secular views of gender equality ...
9  cards
Gender and Theology
Post christian theology,
Reform feminist theology,
Davidic messiah
49  cards
Gender and Theology A02
Christianity is essentially sexist,
Christianity is not essentially s...,
What are the different lenses fio...
26  cards
Feminism Points From Class
Give analysis of the daly quote t...,
What do we run the risk of in ass...,
What was historically suggested a...
21  cards
Religious Language Two
Logical positivism,
Non cognitive
138  cards
RL2 A02
What is one of the most significa...,
What does the idea that all meani...,
What does the verification princi...
37  cards
Meta Ethics
48  cards
Greek Philosophy
Plato and preceding what you see,
What is a form for plato,
How does plato argue we know abou...
38  cards
Greek Philosophy A02
How are aristotle and plato simil...,
How are aristotle and plato simil...,
How are aristotle and plato simil...
16  cards
Meta Ethics A02
The definition of the word good d...,
The definition of the word good d...,
What does foot suggest about whet...
31  cards
Sexual Ethics
Premarital sex,
Extramarital sex,
What are the relational dimension...
33  cards
Sexual Ethics A02
Religion is irrelevant in modern ...,
Religion is relevant in modern de...,
Religious beliefs and practices d...
15  cards
Voluntary euthanasia,
Non voluntary euthanasia,
Active euthanasia
39  cards
Euthanasia A02
The religious concept of the sanc...,
The religious concept of the sanc...,
What three considerations are put...
7  cards
Religious Experience A02
Corporate experiences are more valid,
Corporate experiences are not mor...,
Religious experience provides pro...
8  cards
Define exclusivism,
Define inclusivism,
Define pluralism
27  cards
Death and the Afterlife
Disembodied existence,
Beatific vision,
Limited election
36  cards
Knowledge of God's Existence
Natural theology,
56  cards
Knowledge of God's Existence A02
The existence of god can be known...,
The existence of god cannot be kn...,
What may have influenced barth s ...
18  cards
Pluralism/Death and the Afterlife A02
Hick on salvation,
A loving god may still deny peopl...,
Augustine and calvin on salvation
19  cards
Liberation Theology
What is preferential option for t...,
Juan segundo,
7 gospel values
32  cards
Liberation Theology A02
Christian theology should engage ...,
Christian theology should not eng...,
Christianity tackles social issue...
13  cards
Business Ethics
Corporate social responsibility c...,
Globalisation from class,
Good ethics is good business from...
16  cards

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