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A career in law is a calling. But the path to practicing is long, arduous, and littered with enormous challenges for those who feel the tug of the gavel on their heartstrings.
We’re here to make that journey a whole lot smoother with the Brainscape Law Academy: a rich and valuable resource that’ll equip you with the right study techniques and mindset to take on law school and the mighty bar exam!

How to survive and thrive at law school

Studying law is like drinking out of a fire hydrant. It feels never-ending. There’s always more to know and it comes at you in an overwhelming deluge. The challenge is synthesizing the law into a coherent body so you can use it to ace any assessment that stands between you and a lucrative career.

To help you do just this, the team here at Brainscape has compiled some brilliant guides on how to effectively study for your law exams so that you’re prioritizing what’s important (and remembering what you’re learning). And, of course, there’s Brainscape’s collection of MBE flashcards for law school and bar exam prep (available via web or our mobile app), which will help you master the content so much more efficiently and conveniently.
Armed with these and our written guide on how to get the most out of our MBE flashcards, you’ll position yourself to be enormously successful in your law studies.

Get your bar exam study done more efficiently

Your smarts and passion for law have gotten you through law school but now it’s time to take on the bar exam. And while that guy on Suits made it look stupidly easy, the reality of the challenge is the absolute antithesis.

The bar exam is an enormous, academic undertaking. Candidates require several months of full-time study in order to onboard the colossal volume of information they need to pass and pass well so that they are considered desirable to hiring law firms.

To help you rise to the challenge, we’ve assembled a suite of engaging written guides by our team of top law consultants on what you can expect from the bar and the best ways to study efficiently for this notorious exam. We’ve also got some excellent advice on how to take a practice bar exam so that you can get the most out of this valuable preparation.
And, as with law school, get your hands on Brainscape’s MBE flashcards for bar exam prep to facilitate consistent and valuable daily study!

Next stop: a career in law

There’s a reason why John Grisham, Law and Order, Suits, and countless other authors, TV shows, and movies write so prolifically within the genre of law. A career in law is both punishing and exhilarating, and sprinkled with epic, plot-worthy reckonings.

To prepare you for this, you’ve got the Brainscape Law Academy and MBE pre-made flashcards in your corner, which will give you the necessary tools to get your studies on the express track to great success in law.
It is our most ardent hope that the expert advice and resources we bring to you here help you rise to your challenge!