It’s one of the most commonly-asked question by chemistry students (besides “What’s that smell?”): “Should I memorize the periodic table?”

Undoubtedly, high school and college chemistry students don’t have to memorize all 118 elements in the periodic table but what they do need to have is an intricate understanding of at least the first 20-30 elements and what their values signify, as well as how the periodic table is organized and what its trends mean.

To this end—and all others—Brainscape has curated a comprehensive collection of Periodic Table flashcards, which are now live and ready for consumption by eager chemistry students the world over! (Officially, an “easy hack” for remembering the periodic table—and its elements and trends—as quickly and painlessly as humanly possible!)

Brainscape periodic table flashcards

Within this collection, each element is captured as an individual flashcard, testing students’ ability to translate the chemical symbol into the element (Ti → Titanium) and the element into the chemical symbol (Titanium → Ti).

There are also decks of flashcards that test students on each element’s:

  • Atomic number
  • Atomic mass
  • State (gas, liquid, or solid) under standard conditions
  • Melting and boiling points
  • Groups and period, and
  • All of the above in single flashcards for each element.

What’s great about breaking it down this way is that students can curate their own education depending on WHAT they’d like to memorize!

In other words, if they’d just like to know the periodic table better, they could limit their memorization to just the names of the elements, their symbols, trends, and perhaps groups and periods. Alternatively, if students want to go further, they could memorize their atomic numbers, masses, melting and boiling points, and so on.

The flashcards also enrich learning through the footnotes, which provide additional context, history, and interesting facts to strengthen students’ mental connection to the material but also to make the learning experience that much more entertaining!

Whichever way you cut it, you’ll discover the key to learning, understanding, and memorizing the periodic table within these expert-curated and vetted flashcards!
Get Brainscape’s certified Periodic Table flashcards. (We also have this gorgeous, high resolution periodic table JPG, which you can download for free.)