It’s an inescapable truth: the more you’re exposed to information, the more likely you’ll be to retain it! And so, to help you totally crush the memorization of your multiplication tables, the design wizards at Brainscape put together two high-quality multiplication table sets to print and stick up wherever you’d get the most out of it: 1 to 12 (below) and 13 to 24 (keep scrolling).

Put them above your study desk at home, in your math notebook or binder, as a bookmark for your textbook, or even above your bathroom sink, where you can run through your multiplication tables while brushing your teeth! You can even have them printed on posterboard—and laminated—for your study or classroom!

(Just remember that nothing beats flashcards for learning your multiplication tables as fast as humanly possible but having these pretty posters in strategic places where you’ll see them will really help to reinforce those memories!)

Multiplication tables of 13 to 24

For those high achievers of you who want to go above and beyond your multiplication tables of 12, we've put together the next series of 12 tables for you to learn. These are also included in our Multiplication Tables flashcards so you can really drill yourself efficiently on them anytime, anywhere (more on those flashcards in a bit).

Multiplication tables to print

How to download Brainscape's multiplication tables to print

  • Right-click the multiplication tables you want to print and select 'open in new tab'
  • Click 'file' at the top of your desktop
  • Select 'print' from the drop-down menu
  • Select 'landscape' orientation, choose your paper size, and hit 'print'
  • Make sure you select 'color' (and not black-and-white or grayscale) when printing so that you capture the color-coded elemental groups.

If you don't have a printer and/or want to print on poster-sized paper, download and save this multiplication tables sheet to a portable hard drive (like a USB stick) and take it down to your local office supplies or print shop.

You can also save it to an email, which you then send to the print store assistant when you're standing with them:

  • Right-click (PC) / Use two fingers to click (Mac) the image and select 'save image to downloads'
  • Open your email account
  • Select 'compose' to start a new message
  • Attach the image file to the email or drag-and-drop it from your download folders
  • Save to drafts (it should automatically do this anyway)

Then, when you're at the print shop, ask the assistant for an email address you can send your email with the image attachment to. This will deliver the printable multiplication tables to the assistant who can then print it out exactly to your specifications.

Failing all of the above, just ask the print store assistant to Google "Brainscape printable multiplication tables" and you should find this very page you're now on! They'll know what to do from there. 

Now, for an even more effective learning tool for your multiplication tables...

How to memorize multiplication tables FAST

Because Brainscape has such an enormous base of school students using our app to learn their subjects more efficiently, we decided to put together flashcards to help you memorize your multiplication tables as quickly and painlessly as humanly possible.

Multiplication tables flashcards

In this collection, you’ll find decks for each of your multiplication tables all the way up to 25 (for those of you math geeks who can’t get enough of this kind of practice)!

The cool thing is, you can curate your own learning depending on WHAT you’d like to memorize. For instance, if you’d just like to drill yourself on your multiplication tables up to 12, simply check the decks you want to be tested on, while unchecking easy decks like 1, 2, and 10 or whatever. 

Check out ‘How to memorize multiplication tables FAST’ for all the cheat codes on using Brainscape to position yourself first in class.

Armed with these printable multiplication tables for quick reference, Brainscape's Multiplication Tables flashcards (along with flashcards for the rest of your school subjects), your learning journey in school or college will be so much faster and easier!