Helping your kids rise to their challenge.

The parenting tips, resources, and expert advice you need to raise smart, curious, and resilient kids who embrace learning.

Put your kids on a path to success right from the start!

From the very moment your kids enter this world, they embark upon an epic learning journey that begins with a realization of self, progressing to language and basic motor skills, and then ripping along —from preschool to college and beyond—on the most exhilarating upward trajectory.

As a parent it is your challenge and privilege to guide this learning, and we’re here to make that task a whole lot smoother with our Early Childhood Education flashcards and the rich library of parenting tips and resources you’ll discover in our Parents’ Academy. Welcome, and please explore!

Preparing your kids for kindergarten and beyond

Kindergarten may be your kids’ first ever-encounter with formal schooling but their learning begins years before as they come to grips with language, numbers, socializing, communication, and self-care. Use Brainscape’s kindergarten skills checklist to ensure your little ones are on the right track to transition as seamlessly as possible into the formal learning environment.We’ve also compiled a list of our favorite reading & language apps for preschoolers, which we use with our own children; as well as one for numbers & math apps. These, like Brainscape’s certified ECE flashcards—a DEFCON-1 crisis fix for summertime and COVID learning loss—are powerful tools you can use with your kids to accelerate their learning and preparedness for school, or to keep them occupied (and learning) while you enjoy a little down-time.

Parenting tips for motivating and inspiring young students

Of course, growth is anything but a smooth ride. And providing support for your kids’ education at home is an incredibly important adjustment any parent has to make, whether they’re in preschool or finishing up their final year of college. (For even more guidance on the art and science of education, check out Brainscape Teachers’ Academy.)

You’ll also have to keep your kids inspired, by unleashing their intrinsic motivation for learning, which is all about connecting them with the purpose of learning new subjects and skills. And if you encounter any resistance—as you very well may—learn how to build your kids’ resilience (without traumatizing them) so that they are better able to see the long-term benefits of short-term sacrifices.

Guiding your kids towards a life of forever learning

And once your kids are old enough to take responsibility for their own learning, have them explore Brainscape’s Learners’ Academy and Test Prep Academy for a library of super useful resources on the best study methods and test-taking strategies … all for the purpose of turning them into smart, curious, and enthusiastic learners.

Finally, to support your journey as a parent who is guiding the education of young humans, check out these pivotal parenting tips, which we learned from raising both two- and four-legged children.

Remember, you’ve got this. Just lean on our Parents’ Academy and flashcards for kids (or Knowledge Genome for older kids), and you’ll have the tools you need to help your kids rise to their challenge!