In today’s increasingly wired world, it is easier than ever to use the web to learn a foreign language.

In fact, if you've been reading our Academy, you may have already seen the dozens of websites and tools we've recommended in our how to learn a foreign language guide, or our more specific set of great Spanish learning apps, websites, and techniques – which of course include Brainscape's Spanish flashcards.

But today, we're gonna talk about free videos. YouTube can provide easy access to tons content on a diversity of language issues, such as pronunciation, vocabulary and even culture. Watching foreign-language videos on YouTube allows you to capture visual cues and lip movements, while giving you the opportunity to interact with other learners with similar interests.

For those specifically interested in learning Spanish, we have chosen our top 10 favorite YouTube channels for learning Spanish. By visiting these great channels once in a while, you can give yourself a great passive supplement to your more active Spanish-studying efforts. And you can also make that video-watching more "active" by making flashcards in Brainscape for all the new words and phrases that you learn along the way.

So without further ado, here are our favorite channels (in no specific order):

Learn Spanish YouTube channels you should know

1. thespanishblog

It is safe to assume that is probably hard to find a personal native Spanish speaking tutor to provide daily Spanish lessons, but this is exactly what the Spanish Blog is. Laura Garrido Eslava uploads lessons on both YouTube and her personal blog that can help you master both vocabulary and pronunciation. Don’t forget to download some lessons to your phone if you’re a person on the go!

2. Real World Spanish Lessons

This channel is perfect for beginners. It has a variety of choice, including the most common speaking mistakes, how to tackle verbs and verb conjugations, and even how to learn Spanish while you sleep. There's nothing to can't learn with these simple, entertaining, and uncomplicated videos. The best part is its natural, conversation tone that doesn't make it feel like a class at all.

3. Speak Spanish Faster

The main goal of this channel is to help you become a more confident Spanish speaker. The videos are brief and each focuses on a specific topic, for example how to order food, learn without being discouraged, or master Caribbean Spanish. Although quite informative, these videos emphasize that its not essential to speak perfectly right way ... and that practice makes perfect!

4. Dreaming Spanish

This is a unique YouTube channel that teaches Spanish through authentic experiences. Each video is like taking a small trip to destinations that speak Spanish! If you're a new learner, this will become your go-to channel. It covers basic topics and helps you get a gist of the language in a short amount of time. There's new content every 3 days so you won't get bored!

5. Spanish with Qroo Paul

This channel has everything from expanding your vocabulary to understanding the intricacies of Spanish gerunds. With popular videos covering a range of topics, Qroo Paul provides engaging and informative content to enhance your language-learning journey. Join him on his YouTube channel, @QrooSpanish, and unlock the secrets to mastering Spanish with ease. ¡Vamos a hablar español!

6. eHow

This channel has a quaint series on learning basic Spanish for everyday usage along with an extensive collection of “how-to” videos. The tutor has great pronunciation and presents her videos in very friendly manner. These videos could be especially useful if you’re planning to teach a kid how to speak Spanish!

7. SpanishPod101

This channel provides an entertaining overview of Spanish language, life, and culture. It has free lessons on various useful topics (like fiestas!) and all the videos are in Spanish with available English subtitles (if you need them). These videos are aimed at intermediate and advanced learners, with the narration at a normal speed and a few interactive elements.

8. Spanish and Go

This adorable duo is perfect for anyone who's looking to travel to Spanish-speaking countries. This is the place to go if you want to learn real-world Spanish that will actually serve your conversational needs. Jim and May offer interesting insights, take you on adventures, and teach Spanish all at the same time.

9. Why not Spanish?

This channel has some amazing intermediate-level lessons with Cody, a Spanish learner, and Maria, his Spanish teacher. The student/teacher format is an effective way to bring lessons home and you even get the chance to 'participate' in activities and reply to lesson prompts.

10. esaudio

For the grammar freak in you, try trabeojoj’s channel videos on Spanish grammar. This is aimed for more advanced speakers of Spanish, but it will definitely help you fine tune your speech by reviewing the ins and outs of the language. Their large selection of videos range from every thinkable topic of Spanish grammar.

Use YouTube as a supplement in your learning

These channels are great for entertainment and a bit of passive learning. Just remember that the real progress will come from a combination of resources, like tutors, activities, and tools.

Brainscape is one of the best tools out there to Learn Spanish. It provides a comprehensive, incremental way to build your Spanish vocabulary and grammar practice via adaptive audio flashcards, along with the world's most effective spaced repetition system for language learning. Brainscape's 'Learn Spanish' product is an essential part of any language study suite that you may be building.

And remember, if you're looking for a more complete set of resources, check out our guide on how to learn Spanish more efficiently, with tons of great resources to help you practice your reading, speaking, and writing. ¡Buena suerte!