Why You Should Use Songs to Practice Foreign Languages

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Sing Along and Practice Pronunciation and Listening

Have you ever noticed how you sometimes learn lyrics from songs even if you don’t understand the language? This effect can be harnessed. If you’re learning a foreign language, no matter what your level of mastery of the language is, try listening to a song in that language! It’s a great (and fun!) way to work on your speaking, listening and pronunciation.

Here’s why it works so well.

Why Listening to Music Helps Language Learning

Training Your Ears and Tongue

Paying close attention to the lyrics will tune your ear to the subtleties of any language, and singing along to the song can train your tongue to speak it with ease and accuracy. Plus, it’s a great excuse to spend all day on YouTube. However, be careful when choosing a song to fit your level, as some dialects can be really difficult to understand for non-native speakers.

In Spanish, you’ll notice that Caribbean accents, like in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, are much more difficult to understand than, say, Colombian or Ecuadorian Spanish. This is partly due to the language clash and variety in the Caribbean that affected the tempo and pronunciation of Spanish in those areas.

Aong the Pacific coast of South America, the European influence was from Spain specifically, so the language had no gravitational pull from Creole, French, Dutch or Papiamento. This means that for people learning Spanish as their second (or third, or seventh) language, it will be a lot easier to understand and follow the lyrics of a Shakira song than a Daddy Yankee song.

Getting Started With Spanish Songs to Practice

For different levels of Spanish, try these popular songs by [easily understandable] Latin American artists. And be sure to pair it with the Brainscape Spanish flashcards for optimum learning.




Aprender puede ser muy divertido! What other song do you like to use to practice a new language?

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