Brainscape vs Quizlet

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Brainscape vs Quizlet

Here at Brainscape, one of the most popular questions we get from students, teachers, and investors is “How are you different from Quizlet?” So we figured we’d put together a handy guide for you! As you may know, Quizlet is a great product that makes studying vocabulary super fun, but it serves a different type of need and market from Brainscape.  Many people call Brainscape “the grown-up version of Quizlet”.

Feature Quizlet Brainscape
Content Type Vocab words only (i.e. definitions & translations) Any type of rich media that can fit on a flashcard
Learning Modes Multiple vocabulary games that assess you and give you a score A focused, self-driven “adaptive flashcard” experience where you rate your own confidence in each flashcard
Stated Goal Make learning vocab fun and social Learn faster and remember longer
Spaced Repetition Basic (2 buckets: Know vs Don’t Know); requires Quizlet Plus to use it Confidence-Based Repetition (5 Leitner confidence buckets); included in free version
Content Organization Loose searchable “sets” (e.g. Ch. 7 biology); some “classes” (e.g. Ms. Jones’ Biology Class) Organized “subjects” (e.g. Biology 101), which each come with a full curriculum of “decks” (e.g. Ch 1 – Ch 25)
Learning Data A separate scoreboard for each vocab game, in each set A rich, hierarchical dashboard of learner mastery at each level of the curriculum
Technologies Web, iOS, Android Web, iOS, Android
Primary users Mostly K-12, with some college & professional Some advanced high school students; but mostly higher ed, medical, law, finance, & corporate
Private Enterprise Licenses Available No (at least not yet) Yes
Price Free basic mode; upgrade for Quizlet Plus Free basic mode; upgrade for Brainscape Pro


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