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What is genomics?

Study of the entire DNA sequence that contains the complete set of genes for an organism


What is Genetics?

Study of how traits are passed down the generations and the role of genes in that process


How do you get a protein from DNA?

DNA is transcribed into RNA.
RNA is translated into protein.


What is transcriptome and proteome?

- Transcriptome: total RNA content
- Proteome: total protein content produced


What is transcriptomics?

Study off all RNA transcripts produced by a cell, tissue, organism


What is NGS, SNPs and GWAS?

NGS: next generation sequencing
SNPs: Single nucleotide polymorphisms
GWAS: Genome-wide association study


Relationship between microarrays and NGS.

- Microarrays were used before NGS.
- Microarrays are still used sometimes because they're cheaper. (But NGS is becoming cheaper overtime).
- Microarrays are used to carry out GWAS.


Other genomes

- Mitochondrial
- Epigenome: changes in marks on DNA and histones.
- Metagenome : genomes of all the organisms from a specific location.