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When and where will TGT be displayed on the HDU/flight page?

In the upper left area when 2 or 2.5 minutes remain in a particular TGT limit range


What components are driven by the primary hydraulic system?

The primary side of all four flight control servo actuators.


Before moving power lever to idle during start, TGT must be lower than what? (701C)



Who should assume the controls during a BUCS FAIL (AXIS)? Why?

Pilot. Indicates a severance between stations, pilot is still mechanically linked.


What are the primary sources of DC power.

Two regulated 28VDC 350 amp TRUs


Regarding the APU, When does the PTO clutch engage?

60% APU XMSN above 0C
95% APU XMSN below 0C


When will torque flash?

When a greater than 12% torque split occurs between engines, the torque flashes to indicate impending single engine operation.


What are the implications of a complete failure of an engine alternator?

NG indication of 0.0, engine out annunciation


What engine component provides NG over speed protection and at what NG speed?

HMU at NG of 108-112%


BUCS self test shall be conducted with the CPG stick in the __________ position.

Any (13.2 on)


What occurs during a Utility Hydraulic low level condition?

The reservoir piston, driven by IPAS air, closes the low level valve, which is a pilot valve for the auxiliary isolation valve, which denies hydraulic power to the AWS turret, external stores actuator and ammo carrier drive. In addition, the low level switch is actuated, which sends a 28VDC signal to the emergency hydraulic shutoff valve (solenoid) which cuts pressure to the tail wheel lock control valve and utility side of tail rotor servoactuator.


What fuel cell provides fuel to the APU? What is the burn rate?

AFt fuel cell, 175 lb/hr


With an acquisition source other than fixed, cueing dots will not be shown when the LOS is within ______ degrees of the line of sight



How long does placing the searchlight in STOW effect operation?

60 seconds


What authority does the SAS have?

10% of total authority in roll, yaw and collective, +20, -10 in pitch


When will Radar Altitude Hold be used (instead of BARO)?

Groundspeed between 0-40 kts
Altitude between 0-1428 feet


What must you do if start advisory remains above 66-68NG?

If engine 1 or 2 start advisory remains dis-played after 66%-68% NG: Position ENG START switch to IGN ORIDE, then OFF.


How long will the FMC take to wash in BUCS control in the case of ARDD disconnection? In the case of a mistrack due to severance?

3 seconds, 1 second.


What does the Utility Hydraulic Accumulator provide?

Pressure damping, pressure for Rotor brake, APU start and emergency flight control operation.


Can the HIT/ANTI-ICE check be deferred? If so, for how long? By who’s authority?

HIT/A-ICE checks while operating in adverse conditions (e.g., dust, desert, coastal beach area, dry river bed) may be deferred (5 flight hours maximum) at the discretion of the pilot in command until a suitable location is reached.


What components are driven by the utility hydraulic system?

Utility side of flight control servo actuators
Rotor brake
AWS turret
APU start motor
Tail Wheel unlock actuator
External stores elevation
Emergency hydraulic accumulator


When will a box be displayed around the torque?

The torque is boxed when the displayed torque is within 2% of the following values:

• DE: 100% torque or calculated 10 minute limit (if less than 100%).

• SE: 110% torque or calculated 2.5 minute limit (if less than 110%).


When is low altitude audio message annunciated?

=LO <10AGL
10% below LO between 11 and 999AGL
100 feet below LO between 1000 and 1428AGL


What does the Generator Control unit provide for the AC generator?

voltage regulation
under/over voltage
over current/short circuit
feeder fault


Maintenance action is required after ______ consecutive failures of the flight controls IBIT.



Describe the engine emergency oil system and duration.

Oil bleeds slowly out of reservoirs and is atomized by air jets providing oil mist lubrication to engine bearings for 30 seconds at 75% Ng.


Manual Stabilator is selectable at what airspeeds?

< 80 KTS


What does pressing the illuminated FIRE push button do?

Arms the fire extinguishing system
Shuts off fuel to the indicated engine or APU
Shuts off bleed air from the engine or APU
Closes the fire louvers to the indicated engine
Stops the voice warning message
Extinguishes the MSTR WARN light


What actions are required after receiving the SAS saturated message?

press and hold the Force Trim Release button for 3 seconds


When will the HOVER DRIFT advisory be displayed?

hold mode engaged, aircraft drifts 48 feet (one rotor diameter)