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Fixed mode is best used during _______ and _________ fire against targets at ranges of ________ meters or less.

Running and diving, 2000 meters


Due to the possibility of engine surge, do not fire rockets:

From inboard stations.


After a no-fire event on a 6MP, 6FL, or 6SK, the rocket should be removed and not fired for:

10 days


In general, rockets achieve their best effectiveness between _____ and ______ meters.

between 3000 and 5000 meters


The minimum range for firing a 6FL rocket is:

800 meters


Describe rocket loading zones:


Which rockets will be fired as 6PD?

M151 - 10 pounder

M274 - blue spear


The M151 has a burst radius of _______ and lethal radius of ______ has a _______ type fuse.

10 meter burst, 50 meter lethal, M423 fuse


Which fuse and aircraft rocket selection should be used for the M151 to use the PEN options?

M433 fuse, 6RC type rocket


Describe the M257 and M278 rockets, and which aircraft rocket selection is appropriate.

M257 - Illumination, 3500 meters 1 mil candlepower for 100-120 seconds, over 1 KM area, olive drab with white markings.

M278 - IR Illum, 3500 meters, 1 mil candlepower for 180 seconds, black with white markings.

6IL aircraft selection


Describe the M264 rocket and appropriate aircraft fusing.

M264 - Red Phosphorus, 72 wedges, light green with brown band and black markings.

select 6SK


Describe M255A1 rocket and appropriate aircraft fusing.

The minimum range is:

The effective range is:

Will deploy how far prior to target?

M255A1 - 1179 60 grain flechettes. detonates 150 meters prior to target, uses M439 fuse. Olive Drab with white diamonds and markings.

Select 6FL

minimum: 500 meters

Effective 1-3K

150 meters



Describe the rocket steering cues.


What causes a "PYLON LIMIT" message to be displayed in the Weapons Inhibit Field of the HAD? Is it a safety or performance limit? If it can be overridden, how?

The commanded pylon position exceeds the articulation limit of +4 to -15 in the air. 

Performance limit

second detent on weapons trigger.


What does the "TYPE SELECT" message in the Weapons Inhibit Field of the HAD indicate?

No rocket type is selected, while multiple rocket types are available.


What does the "ACCEL LIMIT" displayed in the weapons inhibit field of the HAD indicate? Is this a safety or performance inhibit?

Vertical acceleration is less than 0.5 Gs and may cause the main rotor blades to obstruct rocket trajectories. 

Safety Inhibit.


Is use of the MK66 MOD 2 rocket motor authorized?



Maximum range for the MK66 motor is:

7500 meters


The M278 rocket provides _________ illumination of _________ candlepower for how long?


1 Million

150 to 210 seconds


When firing illumination rockets, the rocket motor will continue _____ to ______ meters beyond the target.

700 to 1200 meters


Upon aircraft power-up, RKT power-up or after deselecting REFUEL-REARM, how will rocket zone assignment be determined?

Settings on the maintance load panel.


May PYLON LIMIT be overridden by depressing the trigger to the second detent?

In the air, yes, on the ground, no.


IAW the JFIRE, danger close for an M151 rocket fired at 1500m is_____ meters.

305 meters.