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In version 13.3, how often will an internal boresight be performed?

When prompted by the system


Will targets found within an NFZ be prioritized? Where will they be displayed?

No, TSD only.


When conducting an automatic cued search and you are operating in ATM and the emitter is ground based, what mode will the FCR default to?



Which FCR priority scheme prioritizes Airborne and Stationary targets?

Scheme A


The Next To Shoot will be dashed if any of the following conditions exist:

Aircraft not armed
Weapon not WASd
FCR not selected sight


How many RFI emitters may be displayed at one time outside the ASE footprint?



Selecting cued search on the LHG or collective mission grip does the following things:

Centers the FCR on the priority emitter, selects zoom level, initiates a scan.


Will the Target State Estimator compute lead angle on moving targets when the FCR is the selected sight?



Moving targets become stale after _____

5 seconds


Will a merged ADU or other high priority target outside of a PFZ out-prioritize a less lethal target inside a PFZ?



What is the preferred way to disable scene track?

Engage LMC.

(LMC and LST have higher priority than scene track and scene track cannot be initiated with LMC or LST on.)

Other methods to disable scene track/geostab mode: select AZ/EL button or RHG LT switch - manual.


When should a manual servo drift null be performed?

When the aim point does not remain within the narrow FOV of the DTV for 30 seconds, or a lesser amount of drift is desired.


How is an MTADS Manual servo drift null completed?

Sensor select switch - FLIR or TV
TADS FOV switch - N
SLAVE button - press to initiate manual track
AZ/EL button (TDAC B1) - press. AZ-EL will be boxed. After 5 seconds AZ and EL buttons become active.
Adjust AZ and EL buttons to stop drift.
AZ-EL button press
Slave button press.