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What is an aircraft "product?"

An aircraft, engine or propeller


Before an aircraft gains a type certificate, what must the engines or propellers get?

A type certificate


Once an aircraft has gained a type certificate, what is it eligible for?

A certificate of airworthiness


When an organisation has gained a type certificate of an aircraft they have successfully designed, what do they become?

The type certificate holder


What are airworthiness codes also known as ?

Certification Specifications


What should be included in the application of a type certificate?

- A three-view directional drawing
- Preliminary data
- Operating characteristics
- Limitations


Why can some type certifications require special conditions from EASA?

- The product has an unusual design
- The intended use of the product is unconventional
- Unsafe conditions could develop


How long is a type certificate APPLICATION for a small aircraft effective for?

3 years (unless at time of application is shown that it requires longer)


When would it be deemed necessary to propose a change to the type certificate of a product?

When any agency finds a;
- Change in design
- Change in power
- Change in mass
- Change in thrust


What does DOA stand for?

Design Organisation Approval


Who is eligible to apply for a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A)

Any person or organisation that the aircraft is registered to.


What language must the C of A be printed in?

One or more of the official languages of the EU


How long is the C of A valid for?

Remains valid indefinitely, as long as:
- it’s in compliance with type design and airworthiness requirements
- it remains on the same register
- the type certificate remains valid
- type certificate has not being surrendered or revoked
- requires validating with the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)


What is the purpose of a C of A

It is the internationally recognised document certifying an aircrafts sustainability to enter service.


Does the C of A constitute an aircraft is serviceable

No - it is only valid if it has received maintenance in accordance with the maintenance schedule


How often should the C of A be reviewed and re-validated?

Annually (ARC - Airworthiness Review Certificate)


When does an aircraft become an "orphan"?

- The legal person holding the type certificate (TC) ceases to exist
- The TC holder no longer complies with his regulatory obligations
- The TC holder loses his DOA
- The TC holder has surrendered the TC

A restricted certificate of airworthiness is needed to continue to operate.


Who can issue permits to fly?

- Part-21 company that has approval
- Approved CAMO's


What is an ARC?

Airworthiness Review Certificate


If an organisation does not have approval to issue a permit to fly certificate they are to apply to their competent authority. What information should be presented?

- purpose of the flight
- the ways in which the aircraft does not comply with airworthiness requirements
- the approved flight conditions


The period of validity of a flight release certificate should not exceed what timescale?

14 days


What is the purpose of a permit to fly?

An aircraft that does not meet airworthiness requirements but is capable of safe flight.
E.g. Development of a new aircraft


If flight conditions are not approved at the time of application of a permit to fly, who should the approval be sent to?

- Agency = if the approval of flight conditions is related to the safety of design

- Competent Authority = if the approval of flight conditions is NOT related to the safety of design


If an EASA permit to fly is issued by an organisation other than the competent authority, what must be done?

Copies of the permits must be sent to the competent authority as soon as possible but no later than 3 days


How long is an EASA permit to fly valid for?

12 months


Is a permit to fly transferable?

No - unless it’s for an aircraft that is changing ownership but is remaining on the same register and under agreement of the competent authority.


Aircraft are required to have a Certificate of Registration. What is the one exception for this?

Non-EASA Aircraft
- Flight begins and ends in the U.K. without flying over any borders
- not used for public transport or aerial work


What is the national mark for a UK registered aircraft?

"G" followed by 4 letters


The ICAO requirement for noise applies to?

All aircrafts


JAR-36 was replaced by what IR and CS?

IR = Part-21 and CS-36
(Initial airworthiness and noise requirements)