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What is continuing airworthiness?

All of the actions required to keep an aircraft in an airworthy condition as it was when it was built


What is Part-M

The regulation Annex 1 that lays down the requirements which must be met in order to ensure the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft in service.


What is Part-M subpart F?

Small organisations with 10 or less employees operating small non-commercial aircraft to gain approval for maintenance of aircraft other than complex motor-powered aircraft.


What is Part-M, subpart G?

Aimed at organisations wishing to gain approval for management of continuing airworthiness activites. CAMO


Who's responsibility is the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft if it is leased?

The leasing operator of the aircraft now has the responsibility.
This must be stated in the contract agreement.


Who can carry out a pre-flight inspection

A suitably qualified person, not requiring to be a Part-66 certifying staff or by an approved maintenance organisation.
A pre-flight check is not considered maintenance.


Each aircraft must have a maintenance programme approved by whom?

The national authority


All repair data must be approved by whom?

EASA or a Part-21 organisation with design organisation approval


After maintenance, the certificate of release to service must be entered into the aircraft record system within?

30 days of maintenance.


How many sections are there in the technical log?

5 sections


What must be done if a component is deemed unserviceable?

It should be clearly labelled


What is MOM?

Maintenance Organisation Manual


What must be produced if a company wants to acquire a Part-M Subpart F approval?

A maintenance organisation manual


If more than 10 employees in a small maintenance organisation, what must be produced?

A full MOE - to gain a Part-145 approval.


Who's responsibilty is the continuing airworthiness of aircraft?

The owner of the aircraft


That does CAT stand for?

Commercial Air Transport


Who is responsible for ensuring a pre-flight inspection is carried out?

The operator of the aircraft


For any occurrence reports, when must this reach the authority?

Within 72 hours of the discovery.


An aircraft must have logbooks for specific areas. What are these?

- The airframe
-One for each engine
- One for each variable pitch propeller


How long must the continuing airworthiness records be kept for?

- Until the next scheduled maintenance
- At least 12 months after a serviced life-limited component is permanently removed.


When an aircraft or component is released into service, how long must the information be held for?

36 months


The technical log of an aircraft is split into 5 sections. What do each detail?

1) name and address
2) scheduled maintenance
3) information to safely operate (date/time of takeoff & landing/flying hours/fuel etc)
4) deferred defects
5) Maintenance support information (pilot refers to)


If an aircraft is being transferred to another operator, what must be also transferred?

The certificate of continuing airworthiness and the document retention periods still apply.


When an engineer has completed maintenance on an aircraft, what must be ensured?

All tools, FOD or equipment are not present.


What is Part-M, subpart E?



What must every component require before installation?

An EASA form 1


Who is eligible to perform component maintenance on aircraft?

A Part-M, subpart F or a Part-145 organisation.


When a component is unserviceable, what criteria would it meet?

- service life expired
- an AD or mandatory action has not been complied with
- not enough information to prove its serviceable
- the component has been involved in an accident or incident


What should be done to an unsalvageable component?

- It must be mutilated to prevent it being reused
- some can be stored (if possible repair scheme is available in future)
- released to an organisation for training or research


In a Part-M subpart F organisation their approval can be extended to do what?

Manufacture a limited range of components such as; bushes, control cables, flexible & rigid pipes etc.