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What is "command protocol?"

Procedure in place to ensure the continuity of supervision at all levels of the chain of command.


What is the command protocol succession for the OCSO?

A. Chief Deputy
B. Admin Major
C. Enforcement Major


Who comprises the OCSO command staff?

A. Majors and above
B. Legal Counsel
C. Finance Director


What is the most number of supervisors a member can beheld accountable to at any given time?



How many people can be in direct command of each organizational component?



What is the civilian equivalent to each level of command structure?

A. Captain = Director
B. Lieutenant = Manager
C. Sergeant = Supervisor


Under what conditions will a lieutenant assume command of a situation?

A. Situation appears beyond the control of the OIC.
B. Multiple Jurisdictions
C. Disciplinary Purposes (Suspected Policy Violations)
D. Ordered by Superior Officer


Under what circumstances can a junior rank relieve an equal or superior rank?

When the OIC is unable to perform their duties, due to physical or psychological impairment.


What procedure will a junior rank follow when relieving an equal or superior rank?

A. Relieving deputy will announce the reason and that they are assuming control.
B. Memo to the MAJOR or higher, detailing circumstances.


Deputy in-charge of incident, with multiple of equal rank?

A. Deputies = originally assigned deputy, unless relieved by master deputy, DFC or supervisor.
B. Supervisors = supervisor holding that rank the longest.
C. Lieutenants = The lieutenant responsible for the function, regardless of other lieutenants of equal rank will be designated “in-charge.”


When is breaking the chain of command authorized?

A. Subordinate believes the supervisor is involved in unlawful or immoral conduct that violates the policy against sexual harassment or discrimination.
B. Subordinate reasonably believes they have been given an unlawful order.


What should an employee do when they receive an unlawful order?

Report the circumstances in writing to their supervisor, or the next level of authority if their supervisor issued the unlawful order.


What should an employee do when they receive orders in violation of agency policy?

A. Lawful orders shall be obeyed, to the best of the member’s ability.
B. Report to your MAJOR in writing, via CoC.